Sunday, April 15, 2007


This week, the magnificent Puddy at "A Byootiful Life" (Australia) are happy to announce that they are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #96!

To submit your kitty picture(s), you can either leave a message in their blog's comment section (with your permalink) or contact them via e-mail without forgetting to give all the needed informations.

Since Spring has arrived, Fridolin is again "nasty" with Maruschka.
During the night, he chases her around the living room and attacks her!
He always rips off bunches of hairs that I can pick up every morning.
Because of his actings, Maruschka has now a kind of "dreadlock" on her back...
Every year, it's the same circus and we have to cut it away, otherwise it would grow bigger.
When he wants to be a pain in the a**, then he really knows how to be the biggest "idiot" on earth!!!

If you want to see Fridolin when he's feeling lazy (and looking rather sweet), then here's the link to a very cute video

See Fridolin here.


  1. Fridolin is indeed lazy in the video! Lol! Pet and kiss poor Maruschka for me!

  2. Bon dimanche....bises

  3. N'ayant toujours pas de chat, je ne peux qu'admirer les votres...

  4. Fridolin, your face marks in the video are absolutely beautiful! I'm sure you are just trying to dance with Maruschka. Hugs!!!

  5. oh! Fridolin, you look so smart this morning :-)
    Rosa, my computer is KO, i just use it 15 minutes abd black out.
    I'm coming to France and my son will fix it soon
    besos et merci de tes mails

  6. Il est trop mignon ce chat.

  7. Un chat majestueux ! Vraiment très beau.
    Bon week end

  8. Fridolin est le frère jumeau de notre chat P'tit-Gris!!! J'ai cru que c'était lui sur la photo. P'tit-Gris agit de la même façon que Fridolin, mais avec notre gros Montagne des Pyrénées, notre chien Zacky. À croire que c'est de famille. ;-))

  9. Quel beau chat, merci pour ce plaisir des yeux, je l'adore.

  10. KITIKATA-SAN: Yes, for that video, he didn't want to quit being lazy! Maruschka says thanks for the cuddle and kiss ;-P!

    COLETTE CAYENNE: Merci, Colette! Bises...

    MAMINA: Merci! J'espère qu'ils te plaisent...

    SHER: Thanks, Sher! Yes, maybe he's trying to dance with her, but I believe that he prefers to annoy her, because he's kind of sadistical ;-P...

    BRIGITTEGUYANE: Merci! Pas de chance, maintenant c'est toi qui as des problèmes avec ton ordi. Ces machines peuvent vraiment nous rendre folles! Have a good time in France and see you soon! Bises...

    DORIA: Merci, Doria!

    PAOLA: Merci, Paola! Bonne semaine à toi. Bises..

    ZOUBIDA: Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire! Comme quoi, tous les chat tigrés sont des "emmmerdeurs" de première, hihi! Mais bon, il est quand même super gentil et aime sa soeur malgré leur cinéma nocturne...

    IRIS: Merci, Iris! Je suis contente de savoir que mon chat te plaît...