Friday, April 27, 2007


Favarger's (see link) chocolate line is already wonderful and of good quality but, as if it would not be enough, with their new line of products, not only do they widen their palet of delicacies, but they also have once again been able to create a perfect product that will rejoice the most demanding sweet tooths around!

This 180 years old Geneva-based cho
colate company never fails to release products that have a immense impact on the consumer, as all their creations are sumptuous and highly emjoyable...

It is one of the best manufacturers around, alongside Lindt,
Villars, Camille Bloch (who also produce Kosher chocolates sold worldwide) and Frey and they deserve a very special mention for their inventiveness, know-how, their simple, yet luxurious packaging as well as their capacity to go forwards, develop their potential and bring some of the best treats/chocolates on the market.

~ Favarger poster dating from the 1930's. ~

Favarger's latest product to date (see link) has been put on the market only a few months ago and it makes them one of the only Swiss producers of nougat.

Different in texture to the Montélimar and Italian "Torrone" nougats, their recipe is original and unique. Those nougats can be found in three variations: Bourbon-Vanilla Nougat (
Nougat Vanille Bourbon)", "Honey Nougat (Nougat Miel)" and finally "Orange Nougat (Nougat Orange)" with crystallized orange peel...

Until now, I have only tasted one kind, the "Honey Nougats (Nougat Miel)". Let me tell you that those bite-sized nougats are incredibly soft, fluffy, chewy and flavorful. The almonds are crunchy and add a pleasant contrast to the smoothness of this delicate candy. But, what really blew me off my feet was that powerful, fragrant and yummy taste of honey. Wow, it is ever so gorgeous and heavenly!!!

All in all, I warmly recommend you to test their nougats (as well as their delicious chocolates such as "Nougalines" or "Avelines") as I'm sure that, like me, you'll not be able to stop eating them! It is a beautiful discovery that will be on my list of favorites for a very long while. An uncomparable experience!

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  1. Je ne connais pas la marque dont tu nous parle,je vais voir si je peux la trouver.Moi aussi,comme toi, je suis une nougat-addicted

  2. Ça c'est comme le "turron", miel and amandes? Alors ça c'est très bon, hummmmmmm

  3. Ta dcernière photo est à tomber!

  4. mmmm, ça me rappelle Neôl..

  5. hummmm jadore le nougat

  6. Sigh...I love nougat so much. That's like heaven in a little package.

  7. je ne connais pas cette marque et je crois que j'aurai du mal a trouver là ou j'habite sinon j'aurais bien testé celui aux oranges confites miammmm!!!!! ça me fait envie

  8. Le nougat, j'adore!! La photo est particulièrement tentante!!

  9. IZOU: Favarger est suisse. Malheureusement, je ne pense pas que tu en trouveras chez toi, mais peut-être que je me trompe...

    BLANCA: Merci pour ta visite et ton commentaire! C'est un nougat à la française. Il s'apparente un peu au "turron", mail il est différent...

    MAMINA: Merci :-)!

    LORY: TU as bien raison ;-P!

    PETIT HIBISCUS: Moi de même ;-P!

    SHER: Hehe, you are right! Heaven contained in a package...

    MOUNET: Je crois que l'on trouve cette marque qu'en Suisse...

    CHRIS: Oui, c'est délicieux! Merci...