Thursday, May 4, 2006


I'd like to inform you about the following blog event that will take place very soon and to which I hope many of you food bloggers around the world will participate: THE FARMER'S MARKET INTERNATIONAL PARADE!!!

Melissa of COOKING DIVA and Elena of EL AMOR POR LA COCINA are organizing a big market round-up.

Just take pictures of your favorite farmer's market and write about it (prices, what can be found, producers, etc...), why you love going there and if you have any memories or impressions linked to the special atmosphere of this environment. But, remember, you can't speak about any other market (no supermarket) than the tradional and unique old-fashioned farmer's market!...

Here are the rules to follow:

. The link to your post, including one or more photos of farmer's markets.

. Your post should include a link back to the "
Cooking Diva" or "El Amor Por La Cocina" and specifying that it is your contribution to the Farmer's Markets Worldwide Parade

. The photos should have been taken between January 1st 2005, and June 1st 2006.

. You are free to submit as many entries as you want, following the same guidelines of course.

. By June 10, 2006 we should have International Gallery of Farmer's Markets beautifully set up for the world to see!

So, grab your camera and roam your local market in search of interesting perspectives and write a post that we can all enjoy while sitting behind our computer daydreaming about foreign lands and foods!!!...

(Market -Pic by
(Return From The Market -Pic by

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I hope I can remember to do this. We have a cute little one in town each Saturday.