Saturday, April 8, 2006


Every weekend, I'm all fidgety, because I know that another WCB is on it's way and I'll get to see new pictures of all the beautiful cats who bring happiness and joy to all of the cat lovers around the planet!...

This time, Fridolin grants us with one of his legendary cute poses. Here, you can see that he's in cat bliss, brave and just happy... One could nearly think that he is a calm pussy, but mister hides his real intentions very well, seems "clean" and looks holier than thou, but it's just a parade! Anyway, we love him no matter what he does as he's our sweet little Fridi!!!

You will also find this picture as well as others on the great
Eat Stuff blog from Sydney, Australia where you can discover Kiri's weekly pictures... If you also want to participate to Weekend Cat Blogging, then just leave your blog name, URL and permalink in a comment on Clare and Casey's site.


  1. What a beautiful regal Swiss cat - loves very contented!

  2. Awww!! He's so handsome and he looks like a cat I had.

  3. He looks like Dutchie's long-lost Swiss cousin!

  4. ELEANOR: Many thanks! He is a happy kind of cat...

    SHER: I'm pleased to hear that, thanks!

    CLARE EATS: Thanks, and he know it I'm sure!

    KROSS-EYED KITTY: Maybe Dutchie has a cousin and it's our little Fridolin ;-)...