Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Nearly every Sunday morning, after our walk around Veyrier, we religiously pay a visit to our village bakery in order to buy confectioneries for our weekend cocooning!...

The "Boulangerie Briffaz", whose owner is a knight and member of a baker's fraternity/guild (Ordre Des Chevaliers Du Bon Pain), is the only bakery in the center of the village of Veyrier (Geneva) and it's very popular considering the fact that it's always chock-a-block full.

This family bakery (since 1962) is typically old fashioned looking with dark brown wooden shelves and a glass counter, but apart from the front shop, behind, there is also a small and cozy tearoom which is in a way reminiscent of England. And like the Anglo-Saxon coffee shops or tearooms, this bakery also offers the local newspapers as well as a vast choice of cute little objects such as teapots, mugs, tins, tiny artefacts or figurines, etc... The place just looks like Ali Baba's cavern; at least, if you forgot to buy a present or something else to offer, you'll surely find a last minute gift that will make the receiver happy!

There you can find artisanal breads of all kinds, diverse tasty confectioneries and homemade chocolates. Until now, I have not bought any bread since I usually make it myself, nor have I tested their chocolates, but I can say that their confectioneries (cream puffs, millefeuilles, black forest cakes, chestnut vermicelles slices, etc...) are light, not too sugary and overall delicious!

-Chestnut vermicelles mille-feuille & coffee éclair.--Cream puff & cornetti (custard-filled horn).-
-Black forest cake & rum baba.-

This bakery has a lot to offer and is unique in it's own way, so if you don't know what to do on a Sunday morning and you want to visit Veyrier or go up the Salève, then, a stop there will do you alot of good and satisfy your sweet tooth or the bakery addict that you are!!!...

Boulangerie Briffaz
10-12, rue des Boulangers
1255 Veyrier
022/784 16 51


  1. Cet endroit a vraiment l'air très sympathique! :-)

  2. wow! those look heavenly. yum - i love frech bakeries so much. mmmmmmmm (great pics)

  3. That is so cool, Rosa! I love Switzerland! I've never been there but I still love it!

  4. ELVIRA: Et ça l'est!...

    ARIA: Thanks! Who doesn't love French confectioneries ;-))!?!

    IVONNE: I'm glad you love my country without having ever visited it! For me it's the same with yours...