Sunday, August 28, 2005


Since I'm a fan of exotic food from all around the world, my interest has lately directed itself to Brazil and it's culinary art.

I was watching a documentary on tv about this country and it's mouthwatering food/culinary history, and I realised that this part of the world was unknown to me, so I decided to enquire a little about traditional Brazilian dishes...

I've found many great recipes which in some sense remind me of the Southern Asian and Caribbean cuisine (cocunut milk, coriander, tomatoes, limes, dried shrimps, peanuts, tapioca, etc...).

Tomorrow, I'm going to cook my first Brazilian dish (Spicy meatballs with orange and ginger sauce) and I'm really looking forward to tasting it!!! Well, actually, I've already cooked a side dish (" Arroz Brasileiro") which I loved, so that'll really be my second incursion on this yet undiscovered and vast land that is Brazilian cookery.

If anyone could recommend me detailed and complete books about Brazil and it's food, then you are welcome to contact me!... Thanks.

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  1. I lived in Brazil for a while. The places I usually go first for recipes are:

    I've heard of a cookbook called A Little Brazilian Cookbook but I've never tried anything from it.

    A newer book is called Brazil: A Cook's Tour. It has recipes and some nice writing. Very cool if you're looking at some cultural information with your cooking.

    One last book that I have tried some things from is: Delightful Brazilian Cooking. The recipes were good.

    You may have already found this, but one last cool site is: . Although it is not Brazilian cooking per se, it has lots of Portuguese recipes that are similar to Brazilian food.

    Hope that helps and I'm not too late to satisfy your desire for some Brazilian food!

  2. Hi Amateur,
    Many thanks for giving me useful informations!
    I'll have a look at those internet sites and see if those books are available here...
    No, you are absolutely not too late; I'm still interested in Brazilian recipes!

    By the way, what was it like to live in Brazil? What did you like and dislike?...

  3. As you can imagine, it was an amazing place to live! I have since been back to visit friends and it never ceases to enchant me. However, it is not an "easy" life. There are many things, especially bureacratic things, that take so much more time than we are used to (or at least than I was used to!). I'm not sure I could set up a life there, but the time I spent there was rewarding and it will most certainly always be a vacation spot to go visit friends. The people are extremely warm and, as you may know by now, the food is great!!!!

    If I can be of more help, don't hesitate to ask!

  4. Yes, I guess that it's beautiful place and that it might not always be easy to live there for people like us, but it is surely a great country to visit! And the food looks soooo fine!!!
    How long did you live there? And which regions or towns do you prefer?

  5. I have visited 4 times and when I lived there it was for about 8 months (so it wasn't an extremely long time). I stayed in Salvador for a few weeks in the beginning, and then lived the majority of the time in Sao Paulo (city). I had the immense luck of having friends that I'd visit on most weekends. They lived mostly in smaller cities in the state of Sao Paulo. I also went to Rio de Janeiro which is just an amazing city. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Pictures do not do it justice. When I visit I stay mainly in the triangle of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (another state there). I hear the south of Brazil is very different and amazing as well, and would love to visit there some time.
    How did you come about with a desire to try out Brazilian food or learn about Brazil?

  6. Woaw, you saw a few interesting things in Brazil! Yes, it is always better to visit a country when you have friends who live there... I am sure that it is a magnificent place.
    Well, I had seen a documentary about Brazil and it's foods, and as I love exotic ingredients like peanuts, manioc, coconut milk, coriander, etc..., I naturally ended up searching the web for recipes! This documentary made me discover a cuisine and culture which I didn't know ...

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