Friday, January 18, 2013


Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.
- Oscar Wilde
Make as many New Year's resolutions as possible so you have lots of future failures to choose from.
- Unknown
I don't believe in resolutions and never make any as they are rarely realistic, mostly aimless and always vowed to be broken, thus they are quite dangerous for our mental equilibrium (read this article). Instead, I'd rather set goals that are down-to-earth, manageable, easy to achieve and which I can carry out with firmness of mind and purpose. In short, non-applicable and directionless decisions without fundament are not my cup of tea as they generally trigger self-scolding as well as feelings of shame, failure and inadequacy if our plans sadly fail to materialize.

However, I am far from being perfect and I'm absolutely not trying to say that certain changes would not have a favorable effect on me. All the contrary. Yet, I refuse to build castles in the air as unmet grand expectations and illusional/delusional aspirations often lead to deception and depression. Certain things cannot be turned around within weeks or months and sometimes it necessitates us a few years to acquire what we desire, therefore we all need to remember that temporal length plays an infinite role in our quest for reaching our targets and that patience, determination and perseverance are the only keys to success. 

Of course, it is never too late to start transforming our lives, nevertheless we should all keep in mind that one can't obtain good and long-lasting results immediately. A period of transition is required, and small and gradual steps must be made as rash choices are bad, foster big mistakes and can be extremely destructive to anyone involved. Metamorphosing yourself and your existence involves deep thinking and a careful analysis of the situation before any action is initiated.

Besides why wait for the 1st of January to finally wake up and come to the conclusion that you have to modify the course of your trajectory? Embarking on another path can be done at any moment and specific dates or deadlines are secondary. What is important is that you get there, no matter how long it takes.
Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.
- Denis Waitley
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
- Anatole France
Anyway, since a while, I am determined to be happy, awesome and to find my place on this planet. This implies that I shouldn't give up my ambitions (being a skillful homecook/homebaker, a brilliant writer and a talented photographer whose creative endavors and talent are acknowledged) and have to stop bringing myself down. No matter how irrealizable and stupid my dreams may be, I have to hold on them and believe in my qualities.

Although my blog is a wonderful shop window to the world and draws many visitors on a daily basis, I realize that one cannot solely rely on this powerful medium in order to attain recognition. This is why, I'll have to advertize my work on a larger scale in the future - have a better presence on social media platforms and have recourse to sharing sites more regularly.

In addition, I have decided to care more about my physical and mental well-being. In the past, I thought that I could overwork my body and intellect endlessly. Unfortunately, this made me feel low-spirited and awfully tired - on many occasions, I nearly reached burnout status. The lesson I've learnt from that is: don't overestimated your strength as your health is sacred and you'll get nowhere if you are unfit, frazzled and on your knees. Battles can only be undertaken/fought when you are in possessions of all your faculties.

Hence, from now on, I will only write posts, shoot pictures and cook/bake for Rosa's Yummy Yums at my own rhythm or when inspiration hits me and I'm in the right mood to spend hours behind the computer, in the kitchen or freezing my ass on my improvised balcony studio. This means that I'll stop forcing my creativity and let my inner artist shine whenever it chooses to emerge from its hiding place.

Blogging is a lot of work and demands a truckload of devotion. Serious bloggers have to be blessed with solid nerves as this challenging and arduous hobby is comparable to a real job - minus the pay - and can be very cruel (await nothing from it as prestigious rewards and fame are rare; instead, be extremely thankful for your faithful followers' kind words, encouragements and valuable support as it is what keeps you going). This is the reason why I want this activity to be as stress-free as possible, otherwise it'll be destructive rather than of being ego-boosting, enrichening and gratifiying...

So, to start off the year on a positive note as well as in "rebellious", non-punitive, guilt-free and anti-resolution manner, the confection I am presenting today is not stereotypically diet-friendly and detox-oriented like most of the desserts and dishes you'll find in the pages of magazines or on the net in January. For me, this "trend" is extremely annoying and silly, because physical wellness and an equilibrtaed alimentation should be an important subject not only after the holidays, but at all times. I will tolerate no culpability here, nonetheless I want to inculcate the notion of responsable and mindful eating in my readers.
The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor.
- Chinese Proverb

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
- Jim Rohn
During important celebrations one doesn't need to pork out and become a depraved consumerist in order to have fun at the table and fulfill his/her cravings for scrumptious dishes. Quantity and impudent extravaganza are not synonymous of delectation as you cannot savor your food rightfully if you behave like a licentious Roman at a banquet and you definitely can't get any pleasure out of gobbling victuals like an insatiable ogre. You just fill your stomach to the point of heartburn as well as contribute to expanding your waistline and worsening your case of bad conscience. 

My philosophy is to constantly feed in a harmonious way - no matter if you are planning on indulging a little - and to never forget that your body is your temple and it deserves to be treated respectfully. Better eat a reasonable amount of calorie rich chow on a daily basis than devour your month's count of carbohydrates and fats in one day, and end up stocking on weight since your metabolism is incapable of coping with your excesses.

Macarons are a delicacy to be enjoyed moderatly, however this refined pastry can be integrated in a wholesome nutrition plan. As long as you keep an eye on your intake and consider them an occasional treat and not a meal in themselves, then there's absolutely no problem. It's all about balance and self-control. In consequence, you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever not to bake my "Brown Sugar And Chocolate Macarons" and delight in them - in moderation, though!!!

Brown Sugar And Chocolate Macarons
Recipe adpated from "Recettes De Réveillon" by Sabine Paris (éditions Larousse).

Makes about 20 macarons.

Ingredients For The "Shells":
110g Powdered sugar
90g Almond powder
75g Egg whites, at room temperature
60g Superfine light brown sugar
Ingredients For the "Filling":
Chocolate spread (homemade - recipe 1 & 2 - or store-bought / I used Nocciolata organic hazelnut spread which is palm oil-free, made with brown sugar and not cloyingly sweet)

Method For The "Shells":
1. Preheat the oven to 155° C (311° F).
2. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat.
3. Sift together the icing sugar and almond powder. Set aside.
4. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and gradually beat in the brown sugar.
5. Using a spatula,
fold the almond mixture into the meringue and stir briskly to remove the air (the batter should be shiny and ribbon-like).
6. With the help of a pastry bag,
pipe 1/2- to 1-inch macarons about an inch or more apart onto the prepared baking sheet.
7. Leave your macarons to dry for about 30 to 40 minutes (see remarks).
8. Then bake for approximately 12 minutes.
9. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the macarons rest for about 10 minutes before
carefully peeling them off the baking paper/Silpat. Leave to cool completely on a wire rack.

Method For The "Filling":
Turn the macarons so their flat bottoms are face up. Pipe one half of them with about 1 teaspoon chocolate spread. Sandwich these with the remaining macarons, flat-side down, pressing slightly to spread the filling to the edges.

11. Serve.


It is possible to make macarons using superfine white sugar instead of superfine brown sugar.
The macarons are ready to be baked when they are dry to the touch (the batter should not stick to your fingers) and are slightly "crusted"

If you do not want to use chocolate spread in order to garnish your macarons, then you can also use chocolate ganache or any other filling of your choice (check out the following links for ideas: 1 & 2).
Macarons are generally better the next day, so don't eat them straight away.
Keep (up to 5 days) in an airtight container in the fridge.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with some sparkling or dessert wine, or just simply with a cup of tea or coffee.

Macarons Au Sucre Brun Et Au Chocolat
Recette adaptée de "Recettes De Réveillon" par Sabine Paris (éditions Larousse).

Pour une vingtaine de macarons.

Ingrédients Pour Les "Coques":
110g de Sucre glace
90 de Poudre d'amande
75g de Blancs d'oeufs, à température ambiante
60g de Sucre roux/brun en poudre
Ingrédients Pour La "Garniture":
Chocolat à tartiner (j'ai utilisé du Nocciolata, mais il vous est aussi possible de fabriquer votre pâte à tartiner vous même - recettes ici et )

Méthode Pour Les "Coques":
1. Préchauffer le four a 155° C.
2. Recouvrir une plaque à pâtisserie de papier sulfurisé ou d'un Silpat.
3. Tamiser ensemble le sucre glace et la poudre d'amande. Mettre de côté.
4. Monter les blancs d'oeufs en neige ferme en y incorporant peu à peu le sucre roux/brun en poudre.
5. Ajouter le mélange amande-sucre glace et remuer vivement pour chasser l'air (la pâte doit devenir brillante et lisse).
6. A l'aide d'une poche à douille, déposer sur la plaque des petits dômes de pâte réguliers et espacés.
7. Les laisser "croûter" pendant 30 à 40 minutes à l'air libre (voir remarques).
8. Puis les enfourner pour 12 minutes environ.
9. Sortir la plaque du four et laisser les coques reposer pendant 10 minutes avant de les décoller délicatement du papier/Silpat. Laisser complètement refroidir sur une grille.

Méthode Pour La "Garniture":
10.  Coller les coques de macarons deux à deux avec une noix (1 cc) de pâte à tartiner au chocolat.
11. Servir.

Il vous est aussi possible de confectionner des macarons avec du sucre blanc en poudre (qui remplacera le sucre roux/brun en poudre).
Les macarons sont prêts à être enfournés lorsque la pâte ne colle plus quand on pose un doigt dessus et qu'elle forme à la surface une petite "croûte".
Si vous ne voulez pas utiliser de la pâte à tartiner pour garnir vos macarons, vous pouvez tout à fait les remplir avec de la ganache au chocolat ou tout autre garniture de votre choix (voir recettes: 1 et 2)...
Les macarons sont meilleurs le lendemain.
Conservez-les (max. 5 jours) dans une boite hermétique au frigo.

Idées de présentation:
Servir avec du vin mousseux ou liquoureux, ou tout simplement avec du thé ou du café .


  1. Perfect looking macarons, and love the chocolate filling picture on the 3rd picture above. It's perfect!

  2. Beautiful post and wonderful resolution. Keep us posted!

  3. Rosa ♥ ♥ ♥

    Quelles merveilles ♥ ♥ ♥ Tes photos sont juste sublimes, c'est juste un grand moment de bonheur que de se promener dans ce billet :)

    Plein de bisous tout doux pour toi et des tonnes de câlins à Kismet ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Rosa, your macarons are perfection! Beautiful and delicious!

    I tried to maintain a schedule for blogging and I feel it really diminished the quality of my work. And it stressed me out. I hope you find much happiness and reward in this new organically creative style of blogging.


  5. Your macarons are exquisite, Rosa!(They have perfect "feet!")

    Love the Oscar Wilde quote too!

  6. Perfect! I cannot begin to tell you how annoying I find the invasion of "healthy" and "waist-friendly" recipes everywhere in the blogosphere just because it's January and apparently it is mandatory to disrespect your body during the month of December. Otherwise you are not having fun. (sigh)

    Glad you are finding your balance - the fine line we all have to try and walk, between setting unrealistic goals and becoming unhappy in result, or doing our best each moment, and living satisfied with our own journey.

    The choice is easy, but sometimes we refuse to "see" it.

  7. oddio Rosa che meraviglia mi ci perderei in questi dolcetti golosi, bravissima sono perfetti!
    un bacio

  8. I love your post, Rosa! I wholeheartedly agree - creativity cannot be forced, and I think we go through rhythms in our work. These macarons are clearly inspired (I gasped when I saw your photo!) and perfect for the depths of winter. I'm not following one of those silly January detoxes, so I'll take 2 please. :)

  9. je ne suis pas trop fan de macarons, mais là je dois dire ou plutôt avouer que je me laisserais volontiers tenter. C'est que la photo est superbe.

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    Et que dire de la photo des feuilles dans l'eau... j'adore!

  12. Would love a handful of these.

  13. Ma chère Rosa, je suis parfaitement d'accord avec ce que tu écris. J'adore mon blog, mais je n'ai pas (malheureusement)le temps de publier comme je veux, car c'est énormément de travail que je fais passer après ma famille et mes amis. On pense à soi d'abord, et ce qui n'est pas indispensable, après. Et je m'en porte très bien! Plein de bisous de Suède!

  14. Love your clicks, and the macarons are gorgeous!

  15. Hi Rosa,

    I understand about the blogging. It does take a lot of thought and creativity to make a blog interesting and sometime I wonder who really cares (in my case anyway). I do know my Aunts and Uncles like to keep up with my happenings and so I continue, on a very limited basis, for the time being. There was a time I thrived on the comments ... there are never enough comments! ... but commenting in return is also very time consuming ... but also very interesting at times. I've learned a lot of things through blogging. Someone recently gave me a moose roast and a moose steak and I knew just who to go to for the info on how to cook them up, for instance.

    It is true, creativity does take its twists and turns but should be put to good use ... not neglected entirely ... but sometimes the "good use" designation changes.

    On the subject of food in general, I am so sick of people obsessing about food. Sometimes I feel like saying, just eat "normal". My relatives can talk ad nauseam about healthy eating, EVERY time we gather. I could scream. In my way of thinking, food has become their idol.

    Those macaroons look so yummy. I have never made them. Today, for the first time, I am trying my hand as Madeleines. I finally bought a Madeleine pan when they went on sale the beginning of January.

  16. Wow Rosa!!!
    They look amazing and so perfect and professional. The flavour combination sounds so delicious and moreish!!

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  22. Blogging can be a full time job Rosa, you are so right. You have chosen the one confection I have never attempted to make. The whole process seems fraught with failure and in my fear I imagine egg shells and macaroons all thrown in the bin:D You are fearless!

  23. Ciao Rosa, so many compliments for this post!!! I totally agree! I love macarons

  24. Love your new philosophy Rosa. And also those lovely macaroons. Blogging, writing, research, and photography can take up all your time if you aren't careful. Have a great weekend.

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  26. Hey Rosa, so many things I wanted to say and yes I think you can showcast your work to the next level and if you confine only through blogging, you can only reach out to a small group. Do you think it is possible to get a publisher to present your work? The photos and recipes, I'm sure it's beautiful.

    Indeed blogging is hard work and lots of energy and time to keep going. Me too, me wanna continue my blog because I've embraced friendships with them and it would be waste to just 'go off the line' just like that :)

    Stay on Rosa, all the best :D

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  29. Such a meaningful post, Rosa!
    Agree with so many things you have said here - about health as priority, keeping blogging stressfree and enjoying the 'present'
    It is so easy to lose track of all the things important and that matter most with neck deep in food blogging!
    Wish you renewed success in your detailed goals!

  30. I'm with you, Rosa - I can see no point in empty promises and lofty, unachievable resolutions and so don't bother. It's much better to keep things manageable. Blogging is arduous at times and takes up far more time and energy than people might realise. However, I'd happily keep my strength up with these delicious, little morsels.

  31. In my eyes you've already accomplished your ambitions but I understand always wanting to get better. :)

    Love these macarons--you inspire me. I've been so intimidated about making them but they're always on the back of my mind. One day...

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    I love your new header and the macs are fantastic! Your pictures are gorgeous too and I am looking forward to all of your posts, hopefully stress-free!
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  42. The photos are your blog always draws me in~

    Ahh, resolutions. I look at resolutions as only new beginnings. I smiled when I read your post. I wanted to "simplify" word, I failed miserably. This year, I made it impossible not to be achieved. I stopped using Splenda in my coffee (smile).

    There are times, when one has to remind themselves that you own your blog...the blog does not own you. A blog is to be enjoyed, a creative journey, a waste if burnout happens. Glad you will write and reflect when the spirit moves you, not because you have given yourself a self-imposed deadlines.


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    Looking at those macarons is yet a reminder that I have yet to try making some. Bookmarked your special recipe ;o)

    Have a great week,

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    Love the macarons.

  47. I like your outlook, Rosa. keep expectations for yourself high, but don't stress out. I agree.
    Beautiful macarons!

  48. I love macarons Rosa, I make them almost once a month to please the kids, but your macarons are amazingly PERFECT! Those feet are wonderful!
    I love this post and your philosophy, and let me tell you I'm fed up of all those soups and healthy recipes that most bloggers are posting in January, it's ridiculous! Let us just eat normal throughout the whole year! Bless you!

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    I totally understand you....blogging has to be fun.
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    Your macarons look awesome and I'm jealous because I can't seem to make them "properly" no matter how many times I try!

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    And I have slowed down a lot on blogging too.. only cook, take photos and write when I see there is something in it, otherwise I would take a breather... like you rightly mentioned, I'd kill my own mood and creativity if I keep on going :(...

    back to your mac... beautifully baked :D

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    I totally get the lack of inspiration. I will miss your regularity but look forward to your every post !

    These cookies look so great, I wish I baked more.

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  74. Je me disais en regardant tes photos, a quel point tu as fait des progres ces dernieres annees. C'est magnifique ce que tu as reussi a accomplir. La seule bonne resolution: continuer, avec plaisir.

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    Je testerais la prochaine fois!

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  81. je ne sais pas si j'en ferais un jour je ne pense pas mais j'aime beaucoup les macarons et les tiens sont très beaux et tentants. J'en ai raté des articles depuis mon dernier passage. Je suis comme toi même si mon blog est modeste à côté du tien, je préfère garder mon libre arbitre et faire ce qui me plait plutôt que de ressembler à tous ces blogs qui n'arrêtent pas de publier des articles sponsorisés par toutes sortes de marques connues ou moins connues. C'est pas mon truc du tout je ne pense pas qu'on arrivera à me faire changer d'avis. Je préfère mettre à l'honneur des blogs dont j'ai testé des recettes c'est préférable. Bonne soirée, c'est toujours un plaisir de te rendre visite même si ce n'est pas très souvent :) gros bisous ;)

  82. Someday I will master macaroons, in the meantime I admire yours.

  83. As usual, Rosa, you say so eloquently what I am thinking. I couldn't have said it better myself. I love following you on your journey of self-awareness and always find myself not only nodding my head along with your posts but being inspired to better myself as well. And now you also make me want to make macs again!

  84. Ils sont magnifiques ces Macarons !!!
    En passant je voudrais t'inviter à participer à mon grand swap culinaire international je serais ravie que tu sois des nôtres car plus on est et mieux ce sera...

    bonne journée !

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  86. You should open a bakery (or may be a gourmet restaurant!) :) these are more than perfect. Magnificent.

    Please do not stress yourself out! xo

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