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Duck Stir-Fry 1 bis
In life nothing is ever black or white. Like with monochromatic photography, there are multiple shades of greys, some darker, some lighter than others. Most events are not utterly sensational or completely disastrous. They generally contain elements of both good and bad, in various percentages. The same can be said about blogging. Although it is a very enriching and satisfying occupation, it is far from being always a relaxing or fun adventure. It is no storm-free cruise...

Of course, being the author and creator of a blog brings a lot of joy. You get the opportunity to develop your talents, to cultivate yourself by acquiring new knowledge, to improve your personality, to ameliorate your social skills and above all
to meet many interesting as well as like minded "colleagues" who are as passionate and nuts about food as you are. A blessed few can make a living out of it and even see their lives totally change from one day to another when they are offered exciting jobs or book contracts thanks to their hard work, but also because they have been lucky to be in the right place at the right moment. Unfortunately, that happens to a minority of us, so we should be very careful not to fantasize too much about becoming a celebrity and making a successful career in the gastronomy business.

Regretably, blogging is a double-sided coin. The virtual world is not as glamorous and beautiful as you think. Most of the people who have a blog rarely see their efforts payoff and stay forever in anonymousity. Not forgetting that it has its share of ugly and gloomy territories populated with evil trolls, slimey creatures, badass spirits, blood-thirsty vampires, hostile savages, tyrannical emperors and self-proclaimed crowned heads too (if you need a concrete example, read this hair-raising article by Shauna at "The Gluten-Free Girl And The Chef", it is terrifying!).

Sometimes, this enterprise can be compared to a battle as you are forced to be armed well and fight in order not to get eaten alive by the armies of shameless barbarians who's aim is to afflict and destroy you as well as make you disappear for eternity. One has to be very strong, confident and protect himself/herself with a shield of integrity, kindness and indifference if you want to survive in this ruthless jungle.

It is also a hobby that can be highly time-comsuming, painful, a real
millstone around your neck, a medium for enslavement, a money pit, generate stress, anger, misery and disquiet, make you weak and annihilate your determination as well as faith in your capacities. As it is a public activity, you are exposed to the merciless judgement, criticism and endless dissatisfaction of know-it-all people who think that they have the right to yammer, insult you or bring you down. In such an environment, you can easily get reduced to turn into the punching ball for execrable, unscrupulous, frustrated, jealous and complexed individuals who dump their doubts, hate, anger, meanness and instability on you, with much intensity.

Wild Flowers 1 1 bis
Anyway, I try to never get influenced by the negativity of those poor souls or dirtied by the foulness of such despisable human beings. Without embracing denial, I choose to positivize and direct my attention to what is beneficial to me. I guess that my immense and undeniable passion for everything that is directly or indirectly linked to the vast culinary universe is the driving force behind my creativity and helps me stay focused on what's important. If this fervor had not been running through my veins, then Rosa's Yummy Yums might have died of a sad death long ago (I have been around since more than 6 years)!

I am a free-spirit so no matter what people say or do, I follow my own path and don't take notice of those whose pastime is to annoy others. I have more important things to do than let myself get affected morally by such naysayers. This is why I have complete freedom in my writing and choose the subjects I am going to talk about as well as the recipes I am going to expose according to my will.

So, following this philosophy, I decided that considering the success of my "Cold Soba Noodle Salad" (1,512 views) and "Chinese Lemon Chicken" (17,652 views) recipes, my readers might be happy if I come up with another Asian-oriented speciality.

Today, I am presenting a recipe for a duck stir-fry that I invented myself after craving black bean-garlic sauce seasoned food. This oomphy and pungent paste made with soy sauce, fermented beans
, garlic, sugar, water, salt, soybean oil, rice wine and cornstarch is amazing, addictive and transforms any dish into something sumptuous and lipsmackingly delicious that it is impossible to resist it.

In order to counterbalance and enhance the strong flavor of that magical condiment and create a well-balanced piece de resistance, I added some sweet Hoisin sauce, Thai thin soy sauce, Thai hot chili sauce, garlic, onion and fresh ginger. Both the duck and mangetout peas paired perfectly with all the seasonings, thus resulting in an extremely palatable combination. My spicy "Stir-Fry Duck & Mangetout Peas In Black Bean Sauce" is just drop dead gorgeous!

Duck Strir-Fry 3 bis
~ Stir-Fried Duck And Mangetout Peas In Black Bean Sauce ~
Recipes by Rosa Mayland, September 2011.

Serves 2-3.

2 Duck breasts (skin on or not), cut into strips
200g Mangetout peas (fresh or frozen) 2 Onions, sliced in half-moons
1 Clove garlic, finely chopped
1 Tbs Finely chopped ginger
3 Tbs Black bean-garlic sauce
2 Tbs Hoisin sauce
2-3 Tbs Thai thin soy sauce (or to taste)
1 1/2 Tsp Thai hot chili sauce
1 Tbs Cornstarch
Pepper, to taste
A pinch fine sea salt
1/2 Tsp garlic powder
2 Tbs Peanut oil (+ 2 Tbs for stir-fying)

1. Combine the duck, salt, garlic powder and 2 Tbs oil in a bowl and set aside to marinade for about 1 hour.
2. In a small bowl, combine the black bean-garlic sauce, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce and cornstarch. Stir to dissolve the cornstarch and set aside.
3. Heat 1 tbs of oil in a large skillet or wok over high heat.
4. Add the marinaded duck, in batches and stir-fry until the meat is just browned, then transfer it to a plate.
5. Wipe the pan, add the remaining oil and place over high heat.

Salève Evening 1 6 bis
6. Add the onions. Stir-fry until translucent and slightly golden, add the garlic as well as ginger and continue stir-frying for 1 minute.
7. Add the peas. Stir-fry for another 2 minutes.
8. Stir in the stir-fried duck and the black bean sauce mixture. Pepper to taste and cook for 1 extra minute.
9. Serve.

Adjust the seasoning by adding a little more soy sauce, to taste.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with steamed jasmine rice.

Directions For The Steamed Rice:
You'll need 2 quantities rice for 3 1/2 quantities water (ex. 2 teacups rice & 3 1/2 teacups water).
Put together the rinced rice and water in a pan.
Bring to the boil over high heat.
Lower the heat, close the lid cook for 12 minutes without opening the lid.
Remove from the heat and let stand for another 12 minutes without opening the lid.
Voilà it's ready!


Duck Stir-Fry 2 bis
~ Wok De Canard Et Pois Mangetouts A La Sauce Aux Haricots Noirs ~
Recettes par Rosa Mayland, Septembre 2011.

Pour 2-3 personnes.

2 Magrets de canard (avec ou sans peau), coupés en tranches pas trop épaisses

200g de Pois mangetout (frais ou congelés)
2 Oignons, coupés en demi-lunes
1 Gousse d'ail, finement hachée
1 CS Gingembre, finement haché
3 CS de Sauce de haricots noirs à l'ail
2 CS de Sauce hoisin
2-3 CS de Sauce soya thaïe (ou selon goût)
1 1/2 CC de Sauce piquante aux piments (thaïe)
1 CS de Maizena
Poivre noir moulu, selon goût
1 Pincée de sel de mer fin
1/2 CC d'Ail en poudre
2 + 2 CS d'Huile d'arachide

1. Dans un bol moyen, mélanger ensemble le canard, le sel, l'ail en poudre et 2 CS d'huile. Laisser mariner pendant 1 heure.
2. Dans un petit bol, mélanger ensemble les sauces et la maizena. Réserver.

3. Faire chauffer (à haute température) 1 Cs d'huile dans une grande poêle ou un wok.
4. Ajouter le canard marinée par petites portions et faire sauter la viande jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit dorée. La transférer dans un assiette, réserver et continuer avec le reste de la viande.
5. Essuyer la poêle/le wok, ajouter le reste de l'huile et chauffer à haute température.

Dawn 1 4 bis
6. Ajouter les oignons et faire sauter jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient translucides et légèrement dorés. Ajouter l'ail et le gingembre, puis faire sauter pendant 1 minute supplémentaire.
7. Ajouter les pois. Faire sauter encore pendant 2 minutes.
8. Ajouter le canard et le mélange de sauces. Poivrer et cuire encore une petite minute.
9. Servir.

Corriger l'assaisonement en rajoutant de la sauce soya, si nécessaire.

Idées de présentation:
Servir avec du riz thaï.

Méthode Pour La Cuisson Du Riz:
Il vous faut 2 quantités de riz pour 3 1/2 quantités d'eau (ex. 2 tasses de riz et 3 1/2 tasses d'eau).
Réunir le riz avec l'eau dans une casserole et porter à ébullition.
Couvrir, baisser le feu et faire cuire pendant 12 minutes - sans ouvrir le couvercle.
Eteindre le feu et laisser reposer - sans jamais ouvrir le couvercle - pendant encore 12 minutes.
Voilà, le riz est prêt!

Duck Stir-Fry 4 1 bis


  1. J'adore ce sauté de canard, vraiment une bonne idée avec toutes ces saveurs. Beau plat d'automne Rosa. Bon week end!

  2. So true about the double-sided nature of blogging...your outlook on it really is inspiring though, Rosa. And I'm so glad you shared another Asian-inspired dish! It looks incredibly flavorful and that sauce...oh my, that sauce!

  3. That was terrible...I read it start to finish. I guess I am fortunate not to be well-read or well-known, because this has never happened to me. But I read about it happening to others often.
    Off to happier subjects:
    This looks delicious, Rosa. A beautiful photograph and I wish I had this on the menu tonight!

  4. You are not only one of the true talents in the world of food blogging but one of the truly honest, kind, generous bloggers I know. You seem to stay above the fray and always offer us delicious, delectible recipes, gorgeous photography and lovely words. I try and ignore the bad and the negatives of blogging, try and channel my jealousy or disappointment into something positive. But when I feel down I know a look at your blog or a chat on twitter will lift me up. And the food? I absolutely love this dish and love the flavors. I may actually try this! xo Keep on going Rosa! Lucky to have you as a friend.

  5. Ah, je suis contente de voir que ton envie de canard saute a la chinoise a porte ses fruits - et de belle maniere.
    Quant au reste...quelquefois je suis vraiment contente d'etre restee noyee dans la masse.

  6. Yum, Rosa, this looks beautiful. I love black bean sauce! And also, love the photo focused on the chopsticks. You have such a clever eye :)

  7. Rosa, you are right this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us, such a treasure! I read your blog because you are a free spirit! I love looking at how others see things.

    It's a shame that there are those out there that find joy in criticizing others.

    Keep on going strong!

  8. Beautiful words, Rosa!
    It can be difficult to ignore the negative aspects, but luckily we have bloggers like you to remind us to see the positive side of things. :-)

    The stir-fried duck looks fabulous too!

  9. Keep being you. That's what we love.
    (and the duck looks delicious!)

  10. Interesting summary on the realities of blogging, a good reality check!

  11. What a lovely stir-fry Rosa. You've given us a lot of food for thought in this post. I always enjoy your comments because I know they are always thoughtful.

    Congratulations on 6 years and the number of views you get is very impressive. When you're feeling down, just look at those numbers and pat yourself on the back.

    It's a shame there is so much negative in the world and it is easy to hide behind the screen and criticize. I'm off the read the article you suggested.

  12. a delicious stir-fry and beautiful and real words about blogging!:)

  13. 6 years... It seems such a long time. Thank you for this thought-provoking post. With such a long experience you are certainly the person who knows all the ups and downs, pros and cons... The stir-fried duck looks luscious!

  14. Loved this post, for the recipe, that I am sure will be another winner in your blog, but for much more than that.

    thank you!

  15. Luxurious and absolutely delicious stir fry. My kind of meal.

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    Bises, bon week-end !

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    This recipe is so original too! :)


  18. Rosa look amazing and delicious and your pics you now georgeous!!LOL gloria

  19. Fantastic clicks Rosa!! :))
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  20. I can't imagine any negativity aimed towards your lovely lovely blog.
    Great photos:)


  21. What a wonderful recipe. I have been craving duck lately. Now I must act on it.

  22. Dear Rosa,
    Long time no chat! This amazing stir-fried duck looks really tempting!

  23. Yes blogging is not easy..I agree.We are rewarded with msotly nice comments about our efforts.If you want to do it seriously it rises above the cost creativity time...
    I love your blog and I am realy reading and following a lot of blogs.I am learning so much adn in time select out those that just write something to have a blog.That is dishonest but their choice.Have been on the blog you posted ..will read it mor ethrough..I often have thoughts of eating more gluten free.

  24. That stir fry looks absolutely spectacular, and I love those chopsticks! They're so unique. I can't imagine how anyone would have anything negative to say about your blog. Rubbish! Glad you're still around after 6 years, as I really enjoy reading your blog. xx

  25. I read Shauna's blog and yours and am just amazed by such cruel people in the world. But I think they are just unhappy with their lives making them jealous of other people's happiness and thus they say such things in an effort to make good people as miserable as they are.
    Plus, fame is always accompanied with enemies and jealousy. I have seen this first hand. One of my friends from college recently got a book published and it is doing really well. All my other friends, though not openly, but with their messages you can make out that they are insanely jealous of her success, degrading it and calling it all kinds of names (being a chick lit the guys have thrashed it completely). I haven't read it, so can't comment on it, but I would just expect them to be impressed by the fact that she got a book published and that too got such a great response. But I guess jealousy takes over all other senses when it comes to somebody else's success.
    On a side note, the duck recipe looks great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the recipe!

  26. Beauty is evident in every click and in every word you write, Rosa! I just read the hair- raising article-- Sad! Really Sad! Sometimes I can't understand why people act the way they do.

    And about your stir-fry...Well it looks absolutely delectable-I love the combination of garlic, ginger and thai sauce!!!It's a must try :)

    HUGS <3

  27. I enjoyed this post. Most of all, it reminded why I blog....I need a creative outlet, a place to call my own. My posts are simple but, it expresses who I am-

    Your blog expresses your artistic nature and your passion for food.

    Screw the forces that bring negativity to our blogs.

    Love this Asian inspired dish. Love more that you used duck. Something Americans need to embrace more often.


  28. Generally, we don't add sriracha and hoisin sauce into this dish but I guess you're taking on the asian fusion direction... no?

  29. Oooh, stir-fry has a special place in my heart. So delicious!

    Thank you for the recipe, but especially for your words. I can relate so much! Blogging can be tough. Your talent and love for food is evident, my friend!

  30. I am always amazed how much time my blog eats up. I hope I make it 6 years - congrats! This looks like a fabulous dinner.

  31. Can you believe I've only once tasted duck? I didn't care for it, but I'm quite certain it was prepared poorly. If I was in your neighborhood right now, I'm sure you could convince me otherwise! Have a lovely weekend, Rosa! xo

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    bon weekend, bises

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  37. Hola Rosa, tengo un apartado en mi blog, que se llama Arte Blog, y pongo las fotos que me parecen mas bonitas, hoy he puesto la tuya, espero que te guste.

  38. toujours appétissant chez toi !!pierre

  39. Ce bol contient tout ce que j'aime
    Je te souhaite un samedi ensoleillée

  40. I've never eaten duck before but I am sure I would love this recipe. Have a wonderful weekend.

  41. I have blogged for less than 2 years but I perfectly understand your thoughts.
    I have just learned how to make the Hoisin Sauce, and I love it! Your duck looks delicious indeed!

  42. The deep dark color on that duck is amazing! Love your thoughts on truly is an amazing experience....even if it does take up all my spare time!

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    Love your photography :)

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    I love this stir fried duck... must be delightful...

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  50. This stirfry looks delicious. Duck is such a tasty and perfect meat to cook with blackbeans. Your blog is fantastic, congratulations for being around for 6 years

  51. Black bean sauce is one of my fav..this dish looks unique & I m sure will taste really yum with some brown rice.

  52. J'imagine fort bien la jolie musique du mot "mangetout" en anglais... Bon dimanche sous le soleil ! (du moins j'espère !)

  53. Wow, that stir fry looks simply amazing! Makes me wish I could have a bite right now. Gorgeous photos as usual!

  54. this isn't the type of food i usually eat (i've never had duck!), but it looks grand!

  55. I have been blogging for more than 6 yrs also and I have read a lot of bloggers that got bad comments or emails from readers. I don't know who these people think they are. They don't have to read our blogs. They must be so miserable in their life to take the time to do such thing to a person they don't even know.

    I love your blog, your writing style and your pictures. Continue to be a 'free spirit' and do in life what you are passionate about.

    Big hug,

    Hélène xx

  56. Très originale cette recette et très tentante aussi. Bonne fin de dimanche.

  57. Ouf... c'est vrai que la blogo a souvent 2 visages (dont un pas très joli) Mais comme dans la vie, nan? Il y a des gens biens et il y a des cons. Comme toi, je ne me laisse pas miner (même si les gens médiocres ont tendance à m'énerver !!), je fais ce que je veux et ce qui me passionne... sinon j'arrêterais. J'ai lu ton tweet où tu disais rêver de ton blog et que ça commençais à prendre trop de place (même dans tes rêves !) Je comprends, on est tellement dedans parfois, on s'investit à fond... mais personnellement, je n'oublie jamais que la vraie vie n'est pas là sur les blogs mais -attention cheezy comment- avec les gens qu'on aime ! Stay positive!

  58. Fantastic entry, Rosa. The food blogosphere has changed quite a bit the pasr year or so, but remaining true to yourself and not succumbing to certain ways, rules, negativity etc.. is what will always make you shine and stand-out. Your uniqueness and individuality is awesome, don't ever change that. Love the stir-fry duck -absolutely mouth-watering. Your Asian dishes are spectacular!

  59. looks great Rosa and in my eyes you are a celeb anyways its a state of mind hugs

  60. Hang on in there Rosa. Sorry to hear that you've had bad experiences. Remember 17,000 people can't be wrong :) Here's to another 6 years and more.

  61. "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is putting it mildly, Rosa. Your Stir-Fried Duck And Mangetout Peas In Black Bean Sauce belongs on the covers of both Vogue and Art Culinaire Magazine!

    This month I celebrate my 4th year of blogging. As a matter of fact, I'm having a Cookbook Party on my blog to celebrate! I feel truly fortunate for "meeting" so many extraordinary food bloggers like yourself through the years. However, it sure does take up "mucho" time:)

    Thanks for sharing...

  62. Rosa you are a perfect positive spirit to weather the storm of any negative situation - you always have a kind word and a beautiful food to share with us! Thanks for being you, and for all you do! And - I am in love with the second flower photo, gorgeous!

  63. Thankfully I have only had positive experiences in my blogging, but I agree that it is a real labour of love.

    Your duck looks so divine! I love those flavours and I have an obsession with duck at the moment so I will be giving it a go!

  64. Wow, that article by Shauna is so horrible. I honestly don't know if I would continue blogging with all that negativity and what a shame some people have to be so nasty. Luckily I've only ever had nice experiences. I can totally identify with what you say though about the work involved in blogging so I really admire your individuality and creativity. You always do such a great job and the recipes and photos are to die for; this one looks especially amazing. Thanks for inspiring us!

  65. My goodness! We love ducks and this looks so delicious. Black bean sauce with duck...I'm happy if I have a big bowl of white rice! Yum!

  66. Oh yes I've definitely come across my share of barbarians in my time! Off to read that article now! :o

  67. First time I hear about things like that...I have no words to qualify those people..but that kind of behavior, far from discouraging us, has to make us stronger, all our energy set to write each time something better!!
    By the way, your duck is superb!!!!

  68. and rosa some people who do get book deals I just cannot see why. most people do deserve it because they are creative and use foods that haven't been combined yet, but others who use cake mixes, pre made foods, etc... I don't see the appeal. I guess the masses want as easy as possible perhaps?
    Who knows. But pass me the stir fry. lol

  69. That would be one hearty meal and the photos are just stunning.. making me hungry here.

  70. I love Asian food and I'm very interesting to their custom of eating with chopsticks .. Beautiful pics..
    Smell good!
    Greetings, Nada!

  71. La guerre des bisous a commencé, tu es touché(e) !!!!!!A ton tour de toucher tes ami(e)s !Renvoie le moi si tu m'en fais un aussi !Tout ce que tu dois faire pour continuer cette guerre c'est transmettre ces bisous à un max de personnes//

  72. I love all these flavors, and I've been cooking more Asian dishes at home lately. Sounds like a savory wonder of a dish!

  73. Nice post Rosa... and love the duck stir fry :D

  74. Hey you did so well on this, being Asian I used to just cook what I'm comfy with and never actually experience what you just did :) Good Job there!!!

    Yes, I totally agreed that it is hard working just by blogging and staying on, I've been on and off so many times but come back again and again because of some really good blog pals :D

    I'm glad you stayed on :)

  75. Like every profession, there's always the good and trolls. It's sad but we mustn't allow such people, damper our commitment and efforts to create a beautiful and creative space for ourselves and readers.

    BTW, I love your food and photo creativity. That stir fry is so drool-worthy :D

  76. Amazing pictures and great recipe! So impressive that you invented it from scratch... I am still a bit intimidated by Asian cooking ;-)
    I agree... blogging is very time consuming and the web is filled with some horrible people, but then again... there also so many nice and friendly people and I guess they make it all worth it! :-) Have a great week!

  77. Rosa,
    That duck looks divine. Well written post. It's sad to see the negativity , etc and so important to remain above the fray. Sometimes all I can do is just watch and shake my head. But that doesn't deter us from doing what we love and brings us joy.

  78. I was quite shocked when I read Shauna's article. I don't understand the need for nastiness towards others.

    Your photos are lovely and the dish sounds delicious.

  79. Oh qu'est ce que je donnerai pour avoir droit de goûter à ton wok... je note la recette! c'est tout ce que j'aime!

  80. Rosa, I love black bean sauce, but have to admit that never had it with duck...looks delicious with the peas.
    Hope you are having a great week and thanks for this delicious recipe :-)

  81. I'd never have thought of making duck this way! (I have enough problems just roasting it :P). It looks so delicious!

  82. Rosa, you brought up some very real and honest ruminations here. Thanks for sharing it with us. By the way, this recipe is a winner. I'm sincerely impressed with your take on this Chinese dish. Duck is not that easy to tackle, but yours look divine! Very nice use of sauces. Ohh..and ginger is the key!

  83. So good to see all's well at ur blog..lovely pics, as always!!

  84. On a few occasions, I've had to think long and hard why I decided to keep my blog alive (almost 2 years). Mostly it keeps me real. My profession is exciting, however, it does honestly drain me because of the incredible expectations that come with being an Interior Designer.
    Not doing a blog for professional reasons has freed me and allowed me to activate a small brewing volcano of culinary creativity and accountability. Hubby isn't complaining when he eats ;o) My community center has been using my blog for their new recipe adventures in the kitchen...that has been a real blessing of gratification.
    It really is too bad that so many nice aspects of life have some blackish undertones. You really do need to build a thick skin.

    Now, for that Asian, love Hoisan and Black Bean sauce. I actually blend it into my eclectic Italian'll be our secret.

    Rosa, your integrity and passion is truly a great example for many bloggers to follow. Hang in there ;o)

    Have a great weekend,

  85. You said it, sister. I've been blogging for 7 and a half years and yes, sometimes it is lonely and tedious; it is ALWAYS time-consuming (sometimes all-consuming!) and if yo udd not do it for the love there is no way you could sustain it. I am dismayed and perplexed by the amount of negativity, cliqueyness and bitching that goes on in the food blog world - but to dwell on it (or, worse, take part in it) just drags you down to their level. I prefer to do what I do in a joyful spirit and love what I am doing. Criticising others never made anybody better at what they do - or a happier person! Hugs!

  86. Delicious Heaven......
    This looks so good...
    I can have it now..

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    Gluten Free

  89. love them stir fries, esp. on weeknights. Rosa I love those chop sticks and the way you processed the photographs... even the black and white ones. so rustic and like a book cover.

  90. I am a huge fan of black bean dishes and this one looks good! Amazing photos!

  91. First...great dish, great post and great fotos. Second, I went to the other blog and I am so can people be so mean.

  92. Great dish Rosa. I'm always in heaven when duck is on the menu.

  93. Un plat magnifique Rosa, très très parfumé et des photos splendides...comme toujours !
    bises et bon weekend