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Whoopie pIes 2 1 bis

Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. They fall upon you like a blitz of lightening, magically enlightening your confined and small world, and instantly reloading your happiness batteries with enough energy to fill you with a gleeful feeling of intense euphoria, and hope that will last many months. An exhalirating suprise effect that makes you savour those unexpected events even more. Not knowing what tomorrow holds for us doesn't always have to be linked to sadness and despair, but can also bring joy and that is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago when I was contacted by a journalist of the RSR (Radio Suisse Romande -
an enterprise unit within public broadcasting corporation responsible for the production and transmission of French Language radio programmes in Switzerland)...

One sunny morning of May, while browsing through my e-mails, I stumbled upon a message from a reknown radio personality. I was so not waiting for it to happen that it left me speechless for a few minutes. Then, when I recollected my spirits, my astonishment and disbelief gave way to agitation and heart palpitations. Sure, I felt extremely honored that my blog had sparked her interest, but at the same time, her offer terrified me since I'm shy, seriously lack self-confidence and I'm the biggest chicken on earth. I am the kind of individual who prefers to back out of things instead of facing my fears and to take my courage in both hands.

I thought to myself, oh lordy, she wants to interview me for a summer program about people who are passionate about food. Me, the girl the least capable of showing off and speaking about herself lovingly! I am indeed crazy about anything in relationship with the culinary arts, yet the idea of talking with a microphone in front of your face and knowing that it will be broadcasted on one of the most listened-to stations in Suisse Romande is enough to freak me out and make me ventilate like a hysterical woman!

Before making up my mind, I wanted to think about it all thouroughly, weigh the positive and negative aspects carefully and chatt with the woman in question. I didn't want my uncertainty and stupidity to influence my final decision. After a lot of tergiversing, I finally decided to jump into the cold wate
r and I said "YES". I knew that if I had refused her offer, I might have regretted it all my life as such a rare opportunity doesn't present itself often when you are a common mortal and a relatively obscure blogger like me who is rarely under the spotlight. I was not going to be foolish to the point of letting my angst cloud my judgement and take control of my brain as it had done in the past. At least, not on this occasion...

A few weeks later, I was anxiously waiting at home for the reporter to ring m
y doorbell and enter my chaotic den in order to record my thoughts and to observe me while I nervously cooked for/in front of her (I stress a lot when people see what "dirty kitchen secrets" I have ;-P). I was prepared for the worst!

Thankfully, it seemed that the gods were with me on that day as everything went smoothely and no hell broke lose. My "Fish Rendang" curry dish was perfect and a total hit. I could express myself intelligently without going through a painful outbreak of word diarrhea and fel
t really relaxed. As a matter of fact, I spoke so much that the correspondent had more than enough material for her 25 minutes show. I can be a real blabbermouth and always tend to try to fill the silence with my voice when adrenalin flows through my body...

As I usually like to greet me guests in a warm manner, I thought that it would
be a wonderful idea to bake a goodie that will help break the ice and show this friendly lady that I am not only a "excellent" cook, but also a "talented" baker (well, I hope that's what people think of me...). So, although I had never made "Whoopie Pies" before (even if I had been dreaming of trying that treat since at least 4 years - I know, I'm slow), I decided to speedily whip up a batch of those luscious retro babies. Seeing that they were also much appreciated made my day.

Unless you live under a stone, you might have noticed that those old-fashioned sandwich cookies are definitely the latest food craze. Yes, I baked "Whoopie Pies" despite being allergic to trends and abhorring them like the bubonic plague! Bear a grudge against me for being weak and succumbing to temptation if you wish, but to my defense, it was pure coincidence. In no way did I sell my soul to the devil and suddenly stopped being a wildly unconventional creature who worships diversity and dislikes mass movements.

Whoopie Pies Tree Russin 1 3 bis
For me trends are "cultural" dictatorships that are created by the industry who profits from them. I am too much of a free spirit and nonconformist to follow them as they are ephemeral, clannish as well as limitating and bridle people's creativity, imagination and strips them of their personality. I don't want to fit the mold and be a pale copy of everybody else, I just want to be me!

Unfortunately, the culinary world is also afflicted by this epidemic. Chefs, magazines, stores, bloggers and foodlovers of all kinds are dragged into the spirals of the latest fads. Some feel complied to follow it and others freely accept to surf on the wave of fashion and embra
ce the tyranny of uniformity.

I have never understood why something which has for no reason been despised in the past can suddenly become the center of attention, be adulated for a while and then once again fall into oblivion as soon as it has been decided that it cannot be "in" anymore. That is so stupid! Either you like something as it speaks to your soul or you disapprove of it as it leaves you cold, but you cannot adore or loathe something because the general concensus tells you to. There's no way you can glorify something one day and hate it the next day, unless your love for it isn't real.

How many people do what society tells them to do in order to not be considered "losers"? A myriad, regretfully. Just look at the quantity of human beings who rave about foie gras, because it is something pricy that is acknowledge as being classy and is therefore a must-have. I am sure that most of those folks who gobble foie gras as if there was no tomorrow are disgusted by offals and always smirk when they see fat on their meat. Well, this delicatessen is just geese or duck liver that is saturated with fat. Does it still sound glamorous and appealing now? I'm sure not! Strange that a product can have an incredible success when in fact it is an aquired taste. Speak about psychological wizardry or mental manipulation...

Take macarons. That French confectionery is without a doubt divine and cute, therefore it is an ideal dessert/snack, yet why should it be regarded as the most
exceptional treat ever to have graced this earth and have the monopoly over all other pastries or candies? It is indeed an amazing pâtisserie item that deserves recognition, nevertheless it would be blasphemous to affirm that it is the exceptional and exhalirating delight that has ever existed. It would be so sad to eclipse all the other fantastic yummy delicacies with this one's overblown mediatic popularity. And to be honest with you, I'm sure that the money they generate is as interesting as their incredible versatility and ambrosiality. If it didn't sell like like hot breads, would they still be produced on a massive scale and be found everywhere? I believe not. However, would they be less of a culinary show-stopper? No! A very controversial theme, isn't it?

The same goes with cupcakes. They have existed since long in Anglo-Saxon countries and had fallen into disuse until the stylish heroins of "Sex & The City" made them popular again when they visited Magnolia Bakery (see video here). Muffins and "Whoopie Pies" have known a very similar treatment. Now, you'll find them in every bakery or cheap supermarket and cannot escape reading about them in nearly every newspaper, magazine or site. Brainwashing that is.

It is so sad that your tastebuds cannot speak for themselves, instead of being at the mercy of somebody who instructs you on what to consume and what to enjoy. Aren't we mature and intelligent enough to make our own choices, stand behind wha
t we are nuts about and decide for ourselves? I hope so...

Anyway, I guess you've had enough of my rantings and want to learn more about those litigious and ambrosial "Chocolate & Salted Vanilla Whoopie Pies". Well, let me tell you that they deserve a lot of attention whether they are hip or out as this speciality is unique and orgasmically good and terrifyingly addictive!

For my first experimentation with that cookie I wanted to be assured that they would get satisfying results, so I opted for Tish Boyle's recipe for traditional "Whoopie Pies" (chocolate & vanilla) as I cherish her cookbook
"The Good Cookie" since it has never deceived me.

As expected, my little cake-like dessert biscuits were very pretty and tasted even better than they looked. They were pleasantly crispy on the outside and exquisitely soft as well as moist on the inside. The ever so slightly salty-tasting vanilla filling that can be compared to frosting paired terribly well with the light bitterness of the cocoa-based cookie shells. Sensational!

Whoopie Pies 3 1 bis bis
~ Chocolate & Salted Vanilla Whoopie Pies ~
Recipe adapted from "The Good Cookie" by Tish Boyle.

Makes about 28 sandwich cookies.

Ingredients for the "Shells":
2 Cups (255g) All-purpose flour
1 Cup (90g) Belgian cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1/2 Tsp Fine sea salt
1 Stick (120g) Unsalted butter, softened

1 Cup (210g) Granulated sugar
1 Large Egg yolk

1 Tsp Pure vanilla extract
1 Tsp Baking soda
1/2 Cup (120ml) Hot water
1/2 Cup (120ml) Buttermilk
Ingredients for the "Filling":
2 Cups (240g) Confectioners’ sugar

4 Tbs (60g) Unsalted butter, softened
3 Tbs Heavy cream (35%)
1 Tsp Pure vanilla extract
1/2 Tsp Fine sea salt

Method for the "Shells":
1. Position a rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 200° C (
400° F). Cover two baking sheets with baking paper or silicone mats.
2. In a medium bowl, mix together the flour, cocoa powder, and salt until well blended. Set aside.
3. In the bowl of an electric mixer, using the paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar at medium-high speed until soft, pale and fluffy, about 2 minutes.

Whoopie Pies Flower 1 2 bis
4. Add the egg yolk and beat again until the mixture is homogenous (scrape down the sides of the bowl if necessary) and repeat with the vanilla extract.
5. Stir the baking soda into the hot water.
6. Adding one-third of each ingredient at a time, alternately add the hot water mixture, the buttermilk, and the dry ingredients (you have to end with the dry ingredien
ts). Mix just until combined.
7. Using moistened hands, shape the dough into 2.5 cm (1-inch) balls and place them 5cm (2 inches) apart the baking sheets. Using your palm, flatten each of them into a 3cm (1 1/4-inch) round.
8. Bake the cookies, one tray at a time, for about 5 to 7 minutes, until their surfaces are cracked.
9. Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.

Method for the "Filling":
10. In the bowl of an electric mixer, using the paddle attachment, beat the confectioners’ sugar with the butter at medium speed until the mixture is crumbly, about 1 minute.
11. Add the cream and beat at high speed until smooth, then incorporate t
he vanilla extract and salt and beat until blended.
12. Using a small offset metal spatula or butter knife, spread each of the bottoms of half of the cookies (14 all in all) with the equivalent of teaspoon of filling. Top with the remaining cookie shells and press them together gently.
13. Voilà, you can enjoy your Whoopie Pies!

The baked cookies will still be quite soft when coming out of the oven, but their exterior will firm up as they cool (crispy outside and soft inside).
Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature, for up to 5 days.

Serving suggestions:
Serve for teatime, dessert or snack.


Whoopie Pies 4 1 bis
~ Whoopie Pies Au Chocolat Et Leur Garniture A La Vanille Salée ~
Recette adaptée du livre "The Good Cookie" par Tish Boyle.

Pour environ 28 cookies sandwichés.

Ingrédients pour les "Coques":

255g de Farine blanche
90g de Cacao non-sucré
1/2 CC de Sel de mer fin
120g De Beurre non-salé, ramolli
210g de Sucre cristallisé

Le jaune d'un gros oeufs
1 CC d'Extrait de vanille pure
1 CC de Bicarbonate de soude
120ml Cup d'Eau chaude
120ml Cup de Babeurre (lait battu)
Ingrédients pour la "Garniture/Crème":

240g de Sucre en poudre
4 CS (60g) de Beurre non-salé, ramolli
3 CS de Crème double (35% de mat. grasses)
1 CC d'Extrait de vanille pure

1/2 CC de Sel de mer fin
Méthode pour les "Coques":
1. Placer une grille de cuisson au milieu du four et le préchauffer à 200° C. Recouv
rir 2 plaques de cuisson de papier sulfurisé ou avec des silpats.
2. Dans un bol moyen, mélanger ensemble la farine, le cacao et le sel. Mettre de côté.
3. Dans le bol de votre mixeur (batteur plat), battre le beurre et le sucre à vitesse moyenne, pendant 2 minutes afin d'obtenir un mélange pâle, homogène et léger.

Whoopie Pies Fountain 1 2 bis
4. Ajouter le jaune d'oeuf et battre à nouveau afin d'obtenir un mélange lisse (râcler les bords du bol si nécessaire) et répéter le même procédé avec la vanille.
5. Dissoudre la bicarbonate de soude dans l'eau chaude.
6. Ajouter en alternant l'eau chaude, le babeurre et les ingrédients secs (1/3 chaque fois), mélanger afin qu'ils soient juste incorporés.

7. Former des boules de 2.5cm avec la pâte (mains mouillées) et les placer sur les plaques à 5cm d'interval, puis les applatir avec la paume de vos mains en un disque de 3cm de diamètre.
8. Cuire les cookies pendant environ 5 à 7 minutes, jusqu'à ce que leur surface soit craquelée.
9. Mettre les cookies cuits à refroidir sur une grille.
Méthode pour la "Garniture/Crème":

10. Dans le bol de votre mixeur (batteur plat), battre ensemble le sucre en poudre avec le beurre pendant 1 minute afin d'obtenir un mélange grumuleux/sablonneux.
11. Ajouter la crème et battre à grande vitesse jusqu'à obtention dun mélange lisse, puis incorporer la vanille et le sel. Battre à nouveau pour que la garniture soit homogène.

12. A l'aide d'une petite spatule ou d'un couteau à beurre, étaler 1 CC de garniture sur 14 des 28 cookies (sur la partie plate). Refermer avec le 14 autres cookies non-glacés, puis presser légèrement afin de coller les deux parties ensemble.
13. Voilà, vos Whoopie Pies sont prêts à être savourés!

Les cookies cuits seront assez mous à leur sortie du four, mais après un certain temps ils durciront (croustillant à l'estérieur et moelleux à l'intérieur).
Garder ces cookies dans une boîte hermétique, à température ambiante, pendant pas plus de 5 jours.

Idées de présentation:
Servir vos Whoopie Pies à l'heure du thé, pour le goûter ou en guise de dessert "fun".

Whoopie Pies 1 1 bis


  1. Macarons here are ebbing and Whoopie Pies are on the rise. You've got yours nice, big & fluffy!

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    The whoopie pies are perfection. LOVE the thought of salted vanilla.


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    Lovely dish, I would love one to bite into despite the fact I just ate two donuts...which are my favorite fad!

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    I'm happy for the wonderful opportunity you have been given. And I'm also happy that 'word diarrhea didn't interfere with this wonderful experience.
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  10. Congrats on receiving the great offer, and favourable outcome.I am sure many more opportunities will come knocking on your door, or arriving in your inbox!

  11. We have thing in common Rosa, I too, tend to back out of things that fear me, rather then facing them with courage. Not a good thing of course, but I'm just starting a baby step to do the opposite. I'm so happy for you did the interview. Well done!

    Of course, this Whoopie pies look equally tempting as any other of your treats. What a talent!

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    I'm sooooOO HAPPY for YOU Rosa, you are a very talented lady, this interview is great for you and well deserved recognition for your work. I know that many more opportunities well come to you after that.

    Also I agree with you in this article, especially about food/trends, very well written and inspiring!

    Have a lovely weekend! =(^.^)=

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    Des photos qui valent 1000 mots:)

    Bon vendredi à toi chère Rosa!

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    whoopie pies are always cool--nice work! :)

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    Whoopie pies may be all the rage, but I haven't made them yet either...these look delish, Rosa!

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  31. Congrats on the successful interview Rosa :) I do tend to agree with you about trends, just because everyone else says it's good, it's not necessarily what is best/good for me, right? But I do love macarons and cupcakes too (making them anyway, I hardly buy them), but I think I would still love them even if they weren't fashionable. I'll have to try whoopie pies again, I made them once and really wasn't sure I liked them, but I don't remember mine having a crisp outer texture so maybe I made them wrong. These do look very tempting!

  32. First of all, congratulations on being picked for this show and on rising to the occasion! You can now tell all the journalists " Welcome, I am ready for you!"
    As far as food trends, yeah, it is a little annoying but hey, we are not going to change the world and how people think; my French teacher of lycée, long ago, taught me about "l'instinct grégaire": sheep instinct. Enough said.
    Your pies are as always, the best; the photos really are beautiful.

  33. Those Whoppie Pies look awfully tempting. I also like the picture of the one in the cup. Neat way to present it.

    I'm glad you overcame your fears and went ahead with the interview! Good for you. At least it was a one on one situation ... I really clam up in a group setting.

    I too don't understand this madness for fads.

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  40. Congratulations Rosa. So glad you gathered your courage and took the the plunge.

    My first career was in fashion merchandising and trends run your life in that world. I've noticed "trending" has become the new word on Yahoo. Your whoopie pies are spectacular and "drop dead" gorgeous, trendy or not.

  41. Yeah! Congratulations on the interview. I am excited for you!

    Like the others, I agree with you & trends. I remember growing up with Whoppie pies, moving here, and no one knowing about them. Now? everywhere.

    Your whoopies look delightful! Great job on your first time making them. You're a pro already! ;)

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    et j'adore la photo du héron !!! Pierre

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  48. Oooh que oui, c'était mérité ;-) Et c'est parce que tu le vaux bien que tu as été choisie ;-) ;-)
    Après notre discussion de l'autre jour, j'ai pensé aux tendances, et c'est drôle que tu n'es pas parlé non plus des cakes balls ! LA nouvelle tendance qui est en train d'investir les blogs (^^,) Je n'ai jamais essayé de faire des woopies non plus... Il faut que j'essaye, un jour...

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    It sounds like you have not only cleared out the "cobwebs" but also conquered your present day fears. Kudos to YOU!!!

    I'm sure you did a fabulous job and between you and me, I think your interviewer got the better end of the deal.

    Your blog is absolutely consuming and the little bits of you that shine through are noteworthy of your passion, enthusiasm and individuality.

    As for your "ranting," you have said everything I have been trying to find the words to convey. Thank you for that:) Actually, thank you for sharing your time with us and Good Luck in all that you do!!!

    I'm going to share your recipe with my Amish friend, Katie. Whoopie Pies seem to be her forte and she is always looking for new and inspiring recipes. (If I make them myself I'm sure to botch them up:)

    Thanks again, Rosa and HAVE FUN!!!

  54. Rosa, good for you and the interview! Your whoopie pies look delicious and the photos are great! cheers from london

  55. I'm thrilled for you and that you managed to overcome your shyness and say yes! You definitely would have regretted it otherwise so good on you. I have yet to try whoopee pies and in spite of my dislike of trends as well, I'm really inspired by your recipe. I remember in Britain one Christmas when cranberries sold out after Delia Smith used them - crazy!

  56. Rosa, Congratulations on the interview!
    Your old fashioned whoopie pies look terrific!

  57. Ô combien je suis d'accord avec toi en ce qui concerne ces modes que tout le monde suit les yeux fermés. Ce fut également le sujet d'un de mes posts il y a quelques moi.
    Malgré tout, tes biscuits semblent vraiment excellents. Ce genre de douceurs semblent idéales pour un goûter d'enfants.
    Bien à toi

  58. Congratulations on your great interview! And, your whoopie pies look delightful. The filling sounds delicious.

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  60. Congrats on the interview! I'm like you and would have been a nervous wreck!

    I agree about food trends, too. I bake what I like, whether it is popular or not.

    Now, Whoopie Pies! That is something I love, and yours look wonderful!

  61. C'est beau, coloré et si gourmand....Bravo pour ce retour parmi nous si réussi et si attendu !!!

  62. Congratulations on the radio interview! Glad it went well. I'm sort of half and half about trends. Sometimes I think they're valid, but other times I don't understand the big fuss (ie. cupcakes. My mom has been making those for years!). But whatever the case, I think the important thing, as you mentioned, is to have your own opinion and stick with what you like!

  63. Congratulations on being recognized for all your incredible talents, but you made no mention of your awesome music selection of beautiful photography.

    Cannot wait to try your whoopie pies, and I agree with you the world is crazy as we mindlessly follow one trend to another.

  64. Your whoopie pies look delicious and awesome salted filling .... a great teatime snacks! Congrats on your radio show and I know you rock!

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  66. Ah tu vois, je croyais a la premiere lecture rapide qu'il s'agissait de la tele - mais c'est la radio, et tout aussi bien.
    Je me joins au concert de louanges avec plaisir, c'est amplement merite.

  67. I love, love love whoopie pies. I grew up with them. They are staples in pennsylvania as well as maine. (the two states i've lived in most all of my life)

    The new trendy whoopies aren't traditional at all. I think the trends take a toll on foods. I love cup cakes and whoopies but sometimes I have to cringe at the idea of it being so over played! these look cute and delicous, I still make mine the same ol' way but, salted!?? I might have to break out of my shell!

  68. Have never made one...had a go at making macaroons - and they are quite these whoopie pies and have bookmarked this recipe...Need to give this a try...Never heard of salted ones though...that's why I really need to give these a go.


  69. Yay!! Rosa I am so happy to see you back with your yummy yums! These whoopie pies look wonderful :) You would be fascinating to listen to on the radio....

  70. Rosa, your whoppie pies look awesome, so light fluffy. Like the idea of sweet and salty. Great pictures!
    Have a wonderful week :-0

  71. Congrats to you and those whoopie pies look delectable!

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  73. Just came across your blog and am absolutely loving it! These whoopie pies look gorgeous. Awesome photography!

  74. Glad you were able to conquer your fears and welcomed the opportunity to talk to the media person -- keep going! Whoopie pies look perfect and way too tempting!

  75. I love Whoopie Pies and yours looks amazing!
    bonne journée!

  76. The salted vanilla filling alone has me curious about a whoopie pie which I've never had the pleasure to treat on.
    The only thing I can hope for is that this trend doesn't get out of hand because it just manages to make the non-trenders like ourselves that much more interesting. LOL

    Rosa, congrats on your talent being recognized and wish you many more opportunities ahead.

    Good to be back.
    Ciao for now,

  77. glad you took the plunge, roas! I am sure they adored your words!! I still am not on the fan wagon with whoppie pies, but your have me seconde guessing myself, lol

    have a great week!

  78. je ne connaissais pas,
    c'est interessant
    bonne journée
    bien pluvieuse chez moi aujourd'hui

  79. C'est une vraie gourmandise ces whoopies pies avec une telle garniture!
    Un délice!

  80. Congratulations on the interview Rosa, I would have been nervous too! But it looks like you handled it beautifully, including these beautiful and tempting whoopie pies. Frankly I try not to pay too much attention to trends as far as letting it dictate what I will or won't eat, but if everyone seems to be liking something then I feel the need to know why and will succumb to my curiosity.

  81. Hi Rosa,

    I was first drawn by your gorgeous looking whoopie pies. I can almost taste the chocolaty, lightly salted vanilla cream goodness by just staring at them on the screen.

    But I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts (or “rambling”) on trends. We shall strive not for conformity but creativity. We can make whoopie pies forever even if it’s not in trend.


  82. Congrats on the interview, must be so much fun! Good for you :-)

    The "fish rendang" must be so impressive, a very special dish in deed !

  83. Il est vraiment très beau, et c'est le vrai au chocolat très noir...
    Encore sous le charme des paysages... Bisous

  84. I love whoopie pies and they are so fun to make!

  85. I think the world is in such a flux, what with the economic woes we're all experiencing, that we long for comfort in our desserts. Whoopie pies definitely fill the bill.

  86. Looks delicious Rosa and your pictures are perfect!

  87. Awww, this is cute, it looks like a cousin to the macaron.

  88. Hi Rosa, I really enjoy reading your posts, you are a phenomenal writer. When did you first hear about Whoopie Pies? May I ask what type of Belgium Cocoa do you use?

  89. Rosa
    Congratulations on the interview..:D
    'Whoopie' relates to happy... and I would be whoopie to bite into one

  90. ELLE MARIE: Hi! Thanks for the kind words. :-) I first heard about them maybe 4-5 years (in my books). I use Cailler cocoa powder (unsweetened).



  91. I am drooling over your whoopie pies. salted vanilla sounds good to me.

  92. Salted vanilla : what a idea to be tested for sure.
    Your whoopie looks just miam !

  93. i've always loved the name for these goodies, and they almost always delight my palate. i like your flavors here--you rebel, you. :)

  94. Oooh, I'm happy for you, Rosa :) CONGRATS! Yes I agree with you the best things happen when you least expect them. Lovely whoopie pies...Yummy.



  95. Ah la la j'adoooore !
    *** Belle journée
    **** et à bientot !
    ***** Chouya !