Friday, July 18, 2008


Finally, after two rainy and fresh weekends, it seems that the summery days are coming back. This end of week will be pretty hot and sunny (not sunday, though), so I'll be able to enjoy my balcony and the nice view...

Have lots of fun with those pictures (click on them to enlarge)! The "Salève Mountain" (facing south) pics were taken from my balcony and the "Jura Mountains"/village/sunset (facing north) ones were taken from my bedroom window.


  1. Merci pour ces très belles images ... A bientôt

  2. trop beau...un voyage dans le rêve. Merci. Biz

  3. NANIE13: Merci de ta visite! A+

    CAMMU: Merci!

    SAVOUREUSESAVEUR: Merci et bises!

  4. Wow you have a superb view from your window! the only thing I see from my window is the external unit for our central air conditioner :(
    BTW, check out my blog. The surprise is out. I know I'm advertising it rather shamelessly but what the heck :)

  5. j'aime beaucoup les 2 dernières photos , je les trouve magnifiques

  6. Rosa, How beautiful.
    May I invite my self to come over to your house and share to enjoying your view from your balcony?
    You are one lucky girl! Are those houses, typical village houses in Switzerland?

  7. How lucky you are, Rosa, to be able to enjoy such lovely views from your windows!


  8. Et toujours le Salève que j'aime.

  9. Toujours de merveilleux voyages a faire en ta compagnie! merci pour toutes ces belles images !
    Bon week-end

  10. How fortunate you are to have such lovely views from your place.

  11. Magnifiques photos qui me font voyager et m'évader, car il faut que j'attende encore septembre pour partir... bouh, c'est long. Heureusement que certaines gentilles personnes ont le sens du partage!

  12. NONE: Thanks! Your view isn't all that thrilling...

    MOUNET: Merci!

    ELRA: I'd love to let you sit on my balcony in order to enjoy the view, chat and nibble on some food... You'll find those houses only in this part of Switzerland (Geneva/Suisse Romande). In the rest of the country, the houses look totally different. It is a very regional thing...

    CINNAMONDA: Yes, I am!

    MAMINA: :-D!

    SACHA: De rien et merci! Bon WE à toi aussi!

    CICERO SINGS: Yes! You are also fortunate to live in such a beautiful place...

    POMPELPOT: Merci! Malheureusement, je ne peux pas m'évader, ni voyager, alors je me contente de ma région...

  13. C'est tres beau !
    Bon week-end !

  14. merci de nous faire découvrir ton univers, de bien belles photos

  15. beeeautiful photos of our mountain. it was lovely tonight too and i was sad to have to be giving camera to the shop for cleaning tomorrow :(