Monday, March 6, 2006


Dear ladies, if your husband or boyfriend is a football freak and you are already stressed or depressed about this summer's oncoming World Cup 2006, then I've found THE perfect alternative/escape for you!!!

Swiss Tourism is aiming their campaign at bored and desperate housewives who want to pepper up their lives during the World Cup 2006; they want to attract the women to the mountains where the air is fresh and the grass is greener!....

You can see the clip (click here to download) advertising our authentic Swiss males who
don't give a damn about football, but care a whole lot more about women! The advert says it very well: "Why not escape during the summer's World Cup to a country where the men spend less time on football and more on you?" he, he, he!!!!!

What makes this clip interesting is that all of these men are not professional models: they are REAL farmers, mountain guides, forest rangers etc....


  1. Zowee!!!! Those are average Swiss men??? Another good reason to visit Switzerland! Great commercial!

  2. holy cow, holy mountains, holy farmers!!!

    this men, plus swiss chocolates, make me make up my mind: I'm moving to switzerland!

    (maybe switzer means delicious chocolates and ver-good-looking boys? hehehe :) )

  3. SHER: Yes, those are just "normal" males and no models (apart from one who was "Mister Schweiz" in 2005, but who is a farmer from Graubünden - see site:!!!

    MM: We are waiting for you!

    Rayis: It seems that this commercial is successful, but maybe too much if most of you are thinking about moving over to Switzerland!!! So, Switzerland will maybe be submerged by hords of "hungry" women, he, he, he!

  4. oops, I had missed that one. Nice selection of Swiss males. I always liked your country :)

  5. GRACIANNE: I'm happy to hear that you like my country ;-)))!