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Friday, October 3, 2014


Oh the brave Fisher's life, It is the best of any, 'Tis full of pleasure, void of strife, And 'tis belov'd of many: Other joys Are but toys; Only this Lawful is, For our skill Breeds no ill, But content and pleasure.
- Izaak Walton
Looking out over the lake, I felt enveloped in the most peaceful, loving utopia.
- Laurie Kahn

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


- Fishing In Style -

This picture was submitted to "Black & White Wednesday", an event created by Susan at "The Well-Seasoned Cook". This week it is hosted by Simona at "Briciole" (click here in order to see who is hosting the next roundup).

Monday, August 19, 2013


My summer holidays have just started, so I am taking a break from blogging till the 28th of August. I will not publish any post during this period of time as I need to relax and refresh my mind, nonetheless, as I will be staying at home (no travelling), you'll still be able to communicate with me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and of course, I will continue visiting your blogs whenever I can...
Thanks for your patience and fidelity. See ya soon, folks!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Lakeside 2 3 bis

Sonnet To Lake Leman

By Lord Byron

Rousseau -- Voltaire -- our Gibbon -- De Stahl --
Leman! these names are worthy of thy shore,
Thy shore of names like these! wert thou no more,
Their memory thy remembrance would recall:
To them thy banks were lovely as to all,
But they have made them lovelier, for the lore
Of mighty minds doth hallow in the core
Of human hearts the ruin of a wall
Where dwelt the wise and wondrous; but by thee
How much more, Lake of Beauty! do we feel,
In sweetly gliding o'er thy crystal sea,
The wild glow of that not ungentle zeal,
Which of the heirs of immortality
Is proud, and makes the breath of glory real!

Lakeside 4 1 bis

Friday, November 25, 2011


Generally, I rarely or rather never go out to eat because my ridiculous financial situation doesn't give me the possibility to do such fun things. As a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I went to the restaurant and I had a romantic evening with my boyfriend during which I didn't have to play the role of the chef cook...

Thankfully, sometimes I do get the chance to leave my appartment in order to have a relaxing afternoon with my friend Corinne who never fails to find the best dining locations. As a rule, we either invite one another for lunch or occasionally enjoy a meal at
MANOR's cafeteria, a falafel sandwich from a kebab joint in town or an assortment of fabulous Lebanese specialities at "Good Taste" in neighboring France. Nothing high-class, bling-bling or stylish, but nonetheless greatly convivial and fun. Then again, I'm no snobbish/snotty or show off foodie and don't care about what's in or not, because my tastes are timeless and not linked to appearance (the same can be said about me in general).

Consequently, we choose places that are extremely budget-friendly, but offer scrumptious grub. So, today, I have decided to review a lovely eatery we went to at the begining of autumn and which we really liked.

The canteen is called "
Buvette Des Bains" and is situated in the middle of the Rade, in a unique site on the Pâquis jetty: "Bains Des Pâquis" ("Pâquis Baths"). Those baths are a historical institution (they were opened to the public back in 1932) and an example of cosmopolitan Geneva where young and old alike, dynamic business men and women as well as artists, students, mothers, unemployed job seekers and many others meet. Being designed as a beach resort that is famous for its bars, concerts, spa/sauna facilities, relaxing areas, swimmimg pools and diner, this charmingly singular and hyper trendy location is a city landmark for hanging around aimlessly, meeting friends, having lunch in the sun, escaping the daily grind, outdoor bathing and playing cards in a relaxed atmosphere.

Pâquis 1 bis bis bis

This exceptionally calm, non-smoking and self-service café is open 365 days a year and has a capacity of 160 people, a gorgeous terrace as well as a cosy hut heated by three wood-fired ovens.

The view there is just breathtaking as you can admire the lake, Jet d'Eau, Saint-Pierre Cathedral, Mont-Blanc mountain and old boats sailing away on their daily cruise. Food-wise, the "Buvette Des Bains" serves cheap, colorful, well-balanced (they have received the "Fourchette Verte" label), varied, seasonal and simple, but creative lunches (tomato and mozzarella, penne and tomato sauce, Greek salad, smoked salmon, etc...), but also breakfasts (fresh juices and Swiss specialities like bircher müesli, bread and Cenovis, etc...) and fondue in the evening (it is reputed to be one of the best of Geneva and is famous for being made with Crémant instead of white wine). Not forgetting the friendly and caring team who make the whole experience even more pleasant.

There is no other bistro like this one in the city. W
hen sitting on the exceptionally calm exterior lounge, one feels as if on holiday at the seaside. It is the perfect spot for forgetting the stress of the metropolis and is for sure the best value of Geneva as the portions are immense (I even had difficulties finishing my plate), the food is fresh and the prices are absolutely correct.

If ever you are in the region, then don't forget to visit the "Bains Des Pâquis" as you'll be seduced by everything about them and will encounter something totally new!

Breakfast from 8.00-11am CHF 10.-
Lunch from 11.30am CHF 12.-
Fondue from 18.00-21.00pm CHF 20.70
(No credit card payments accepted)

Buvette Des Bains
Bains Des Pâquis
30, Quai Du Mont-Blanc
Tel.: 022 738 16 16

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hermance 18.1 bis
Hermance trip continued...

Just before my holidays I blogged about my trip to Hermance (Part I & Part II), talked a lot about that historical, quaint and charming village that is situated a few minutes drive away from Geneva, on the side of Lake Leman and I described our hike through Hermance.

After having walked very shortly via the village's narrow and pretty streets, we
arrived by the lakeside where there is a campsite, beach and little café we like to visit. The view is stunning and the clear azure water makes you want to jump from the walkway straight into the lake and with your clothes still on!

There we had a drink, enjoyed the view, the gorgeous weather and the welcome shadow.

To be continued next week...

Hermance 17.3 bis

Hermance 27.1 bis

Hermance 22 bis

Hermance 26.1 bis

Hermance 19.2 bis

Hermance 25 bis

Hermance 23 bis

Hermance 20.1 bis

Hermance 24 bis

Hermance 21.3 bis

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hermance 11.2 bis

Hermance 12.3 bis
Hermance trip continued...

After having walked up the hilltop above Hermance and enjoyed the fabulous landscapes there, we decided to go back down to that cute village in order to have a coffee at the campsite by the lakeside.

Hermance 10.1 bis

Hermance 13.2 bis
Walking through Hermance is always a wonderful experience no matter how many times you've already been there. The pretty houses are so photogenic and there are so many details to (re)discover. It is amazingly ravishing and scenic there. Nobody can stay completely impassible in front of so much beauty.

Hermance 9.1 bis

Hermance 15.1 bis
There's a lot to see in Hermance: narow and romantic streets, small adorable houses with many medieval elements, cute and secretive little gardens, gorgeous flowers everywhere and a lakeside that is magnificent. A village full of surprises!

Hermance 16.2 bis

Hermance 14.3 bis
To be continued next week...

Friday, April 30, 2010


Here is the last batch of pictures I took when I went to Montreux (Part 1 & Part 2). This time, I have focused more on the buldings that you can find there. Enjoy!