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Hazelnut Cake 2 5 bis
All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
- Havelock Ellis
Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.
- Chinese Proverb 
Taking things easy isn't all that evident if you are trapped in a lethal routine or somebody who has a bad conscience for staying at home all day long like a kept woman and not being the one who is obliged to go to the "salt mine". As you can imagine, finding the power to change habits and the courage to let go of guilt is very hard in such situations.

Since I am jobless and not forced
to deal with a psyschotic chef with a superiority complex nor to slave at a desk every week in order to pay the bills, I have the impression that the right to relax and have fun should be denied to me because individuals of my kind ought to be grateful for their slack lifetsyle, have nothing to complain about and definitely no excuse whatsoever for putting their feet up considering that they don't accomplish a lot in comparison to dedicated career people.

No matter how much energy I spend killing myself doing my household chores (cooking/baking, cleaning, planning the expenses/planning the food shopping, taking care of our old cat, etc...) and how many strenuous hours I quotidianly dedicate to blogging, I am still convinced that there is no reason for me to be tired or to need a vacation.

Thankfully, my boyfriend is not the type of male who has a macho mind and believes that what "the mistress of the house" achieves is meaningless or that holding a blog is stupid and meaningless. Unlike a certain species of Neandertal guys,
he appreciates my domestic contribution, considers it to be highly valuable and never takes it for granted. Besides, he also regards my foodie activities as awesome and he respects the artistic side of my personality. P. is extremely proud of me and never repproaches me for my unemployement status or critcizes my choices. He understands that I can be stressed as well as emotionally, mentally and physically drained. As a matter of fact, this adorable man always tells me that I should sleep longer in the morning, relax more and stop buzzing around frenetically.

Although I'm a self-professed epicurean who thinks that life is meant to be enjoyed, I have difficulties transposing the entirety of my hedonistic ideologies into my existence. Hence, I
constantly punish myself by not aknowledging my burnout and intentionally sweep it under the carpet, close my eyes on my state of complete exhaustion as well as refuse to listen to my body's cry for help. Hyperactivity (artistic creation without respite, lovingly pampering my partner and keeping the apartment clean) gives me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. In this way, I don't feel like a total waste of space or a parasite living at someone's expense (having been nicknamed "the cuckoo" by my parents as a child leaves an indelible stigma)...

Hazelnut Cake 5 4 bis
During holidays, leisure replaces work as a priority. You are filled with the enthusiasm to explore, travel and learn. So indulge in laziness. Spend time with your loved ones and let your heart dance.
- Roger Bannister

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.
- James Dent
Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
- Sam Keen
Summer is the ideal time for slacking and decompressing as most folks are absent and our melting brains are on a holiday modus. The cold season lasts long and it would be pure insanity to stay clustered in our grotto, looking as pale as light-phobic vampires in lack of fresh blood as well as incredibly sad to behave like manic zombies schyzophrenically clicking away on our keyboard while the exterior world is bustling action. So, why stick in front of a screen and stay in a dusty room when the sun is shining brightly, the temperatures are soothingly warm, the birds are squealing with joy in the azure blue sky, the grass is so invitingly verdant, nature's bursting with lush beauty and the internet is a real desert where only a bunch of anemic geeks roam?

This year, I've resolved to slow down a little, overcome my busy bee complex and finally grant myself a much deserved break: I'll be taking a hiatus for two weeks, from the 18th to the 26th of August and will not publish a complete write-up (presentation of a dish & babblings) until the 7th of September.  Anyway, be reassured, Rosa's Yummy Yums has absolutely not fallen down on my priority list. I am just trying to approach this hobby in a more healthy and casual manner. This means feeding my site exclusively when I'm in the mood for putting words down on paper and going through the long process of picture-taking, thus not forcing myself to post at any cost

Following this stress-free philosophy, today I have chosen to share with you a recipe for a simple cake I had already spoken about on my blog six years ago. Back then, this chocolaty and nutty goodness didn't get the exposure it deserved (mediocre pictures and weak writing), so I've decided to publish a revamped version of my old article (better formula, photos and new text) here this Friday.

This easy "Chocolate Ganache-Glazed Hazelnut Cake" is perfect for gourmets who are too lazy to work their fingers to the bone and want to reach gustatory heaven without fussing around. In one word, it is dedicated to those who refuse to sacrifice their pleasure in the name of sluggishness. An old-fashioned confection, which despite its basicness is delightful, moist, tasty and will rejoice even the most persnickety eater. Happiness on a plate!

Hazelnut Cake 1 2 bis
Chocolate Ganache-Glazed Hazelnut Cake
Cake recipe adapted from "The Australian Women's Weekly" and ganache recipe adpated from Tish Boyle "Cake Book".

Makes 1 cake.

Ingredients For The "Hazelnut Cake":
1/2 Cup + 1 Tsp (125g) Unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 Tsp Pure vanilla extract
1 Cup + 2 Tsps (220g) Castor sugar
2 Eggs (~63g)
1 3/4 Cup (225g) Plain white flour
1 1/3 Tsps Baking powder
A pinch of salt
1/2 Cup (120ml) Milk 
3/4 Cup + 2 Tsps (70g) Ground hazelnuts
Ingredients For The "Chocolate Ganache":
3oz (90g) Bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped or grated
1/3 Cup (80ml) Heavy cream
1/2 Tsp Pure Vanilla extract

Hazelnut Cake 6 5 bis
Method For The "Hazelnut Cake":
1. Peheat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Mix together the
flour, baking powder and salt, sift them and set aside.
2. In the bowl of your stand mixer, cream the butter together with the sugar and vanilla extract, until light and fluffy.
3. Add the eggs, one at a time and beat until well combined.
4. Stir in dry ingredients (flour/bakingpowerd/salt) and the milk, alternately.
5. Incorporate the ground hazelnuts.
6. Pour the batter into a 20cm (8inch) greased round cake pan.
7. Bake for about 45-50 minutes in the middle of the oven or until a thin skewer inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
8. Turn onto a wire rack and let cool.
Method For The "Chocolate Ganache:
Place the chocolate in a medium bowl.
Heat the heavy cream over medium-high heat until it comes to a light boil.
11. Remove from the heat and immediately pour the cream over the chocolate and stir until smooth and glossy.
12. Allow the ganache to cool before pouring over the cake (the longer you allow the ganache to cool, the thicker it will set).

You can use light brown sugar as a substitute for castor sugar. and replace the hazelnuts by the ground nuts of your choice (this will change the flavor of the cake, though).

Serving suggestions:

Serve with a good cup of tea or coffee and some whipped cream.

Hazelnut Cake 3 3 bis
Gâteau Aux Noisettes Recouvert De Ganache Au Chocolat
La recette pour le gâteau est adaptée de "The Australian Women's Weekly" et la recette pour la ganache est adaptée de "Cake Book" par Tish Boyle.

Pour 1 gâteau.

Ingrédients Pour Le "Gâteau Aux Noisettes":
125g de Beurre non salé, à température ambiante
1 CC d'Extrait de vanille pure
220g de Sucre cristallisé
2 Oeufs (~ 63g)
225g de Farine
1 1/3 CC de Poudre à lever/pâte
Une pincée de sel de mer fin
120ml de Lait non écrémé
70g de Noisettes moulues
Ingrédients Pour La"Ganache Au Chocolat":
90g de Chocolat mi-amer, haché finement ou râpé
80ml de Crème épaisse
1/2 CC d'Extrait de vanille pure

Hazelnut Cake 7 2 bis
Méthode Pour Le "Gâteau Aux Noisettes":
1. Préchauffer le four à 180 ° C. Mélanger ensemble la farine, poudre à lever/pâte ainsi que le sel et les tamiser. Mettre de côté.
2. Dans le bol de votre robot ménager, battre le beurre, le sucre et l'extrait de vanille en pommade, jusqu'à consistance légère et mousseuse.
3. Ajouter les oeufs, un par un et battre jusqu'à consistance homogène.
4. Incorporer les ingrédients secs (farine/poudre à lever/sel) et le lait, en alternance.
5. Puis, incorporer les noisettes moulues.
6. Verser la pâte dans moule à gâteau rond (beurré) de 20cm de diamètre.
7. Cuire au milieu du four pendant environ 45-50 minutes, jusqu'à ce que la lame d'un couteau insérée au centre du gâteau en ressorte propre.
8. Mettre le gâteau à refroidir (complètement) sur une grille.
Méthode Pour La"Ganache Au Chocolat":

9. Placer le chocolat haché dans un bol moyen.
10. Chauffer la crème à feu moyen-vif jusqu'à ce qu'elle arrive à légère ébullition.
11. Retirer du feu et versez immédiatement la crème sur le chocolat et remuer jusqu'à obtention d'une consistance lisse et brillante.
12. Laisser refroidir la ganache avant de la verser sur le gâteau (plus vous la laissez refroidir, plus elle sera épaisse).

Vous pouvez utiliser du sucre brun clair (fin) comme substitut pour le sucre cristallisé.
Les noisettes moulues peuvent également être remplacées par par les noix moulues de votre choix. Par contre, cela changera la saveur de votre gâteau.

Suggestions d'accompagnement:
Servir avec une bonne tasse de thé ou de café et de la crème fouettée.

Hazelnut Cake 4 1 bis


  1. Hi Rosa,
    What a fantastic and moreish cake. It looks so scrumptious that my mouth is watering already! Amazing landscap pictures you have published today.
    Cheers and hope you have a fantastic weekend,

    P.S. - Keeping calm and eating cake is one of my golden rules :)))))...

  2. The cake is so inviting! Lovely shots!

  3. Absolutely delicious Rosa:))
    Love the pictures!

  4. What a beautiful cake, Rosa! (The ganache looks absolutely sinful!!)
    And yes, cake is happiness! :D

  5. Slurp slurp slurp!!! such yummy cake.. makes me crave for cake now.. :-) have a wonderful break we all deserve one, so make much use of it... :-) take care

  6. First of all, yum yum yum!!! And secondly, don't feel bad about being unproductive while not working! I went through a non-working phase, and was able to enjoy a lot of things I didn't have time for with a 40 hour job. I had time to craft more, set up my first Etsy shop, and reconnect with old friends! It's been tough getting back into work, I'm just trying to find an equal balance!

  7. wow - what a gorgeously shiny cake! love the size of your pictures as well, wish i could pull it off!

  8. Ridiculously delicious. I want to sit at your table and eat!

  9. Ton gâteau a l'air vraiment délicieux Rosa ! L'association noisette et ganache au chocolat ravirait mes papilles. Et tes photos ! Elles sont sublimes !

  10. Encore de magnifiques photos. Et le gâteau.... le gâteau....

  11. Absolutamente maravilloso daría todo para probar,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  12. The cake looks GREAT even without the chocolate glaze!

  13. Very yummy looking cake, I wish my cakes looks like this! Your close up photos are such a tease and I like them :)

  14. What a rich post:) In words and photos.
    I am happy you have un gentil homme:)
    Mine always appreciates my homebodiness too..loving to keep our home tidy and baking..
    I can assure you Rosa I worked for almost 30 yrs and there are moments of feeling appreciated etc..but none equal the well being of being with loved ones:)
    You put a lot into your blog..and that is why it is appreciated..but a rest good for creativity:)

    My husband will adore this cake when I make it:)
    Have a great time out~

  15. Hi Rosa, absolutely delicious. can u send a piece to basel. day by day in addition to your photography I'm also becoming a fan of your writings. & I can totally relate to ur thoughts, & I also do many things to keep me occupied.

    You should visit me here in Basel. Also is mountain photo located in outskirts of Geneva, where a cable car operates?

  16. You can stay calm by eating cake, until you get your cholesterol checked, anyway. LOL Love the recipe and will try it.

  17. Rosa, I adore this cake! Photos are amazing! Have a nice weekend!

  18. Did you use unbleached all purpose or bleached flour?

  19. Hi Rosa,
    We have so much in common. Much of what you wrote describes me and my feelings. My "job" is my household and my blog, and like you I feel guilty for feeling burnt out or tired. Thank you so much for writing this and making me feel like I am not alone.

    Enjoy your well deserved break. We will all be right here waiting for you. The cake looks out of this world. I'm glad you decided to showcase it again.

  20. The photos are incredibly beautiful and inspiring; the mood these photos create is one of profound happiness, as they are filled with light and serenity.
    I am in awe of your writing on how you are able to bare your soul to your readers; plus, that cake looks really wonderful, makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake! (well, when it is not so darn hot and muggy, I will!)
    Relax, enjoy your life; it is a short one, I am finding out!

  21. I wish I had a slice of that beautiful cake right now.
    Enjoy your break.

  22. Encore de magnifiques photos aussi bien voyageuses que culinaires mais qui, dans tout les cas, donnent à rêver.

    Bon weekend,
    C. Rosenoisettes.

  23. You are very fortunate to have a partner who is understanding and patient rather than "macho" hidden under the veil of egotistical.

    I come from a family that literally swept the chairs from underneath us if we were to pause for the slightest moment. The "scars" of my up-bringing live with me each day for I too have the tendency to "keepa goin.'"

    Congratulations to you for coming to terms with a much deserved and needed balance. The chores of womanhood seem to have gotten so much more complex, although society sings the praise of modern inventions.

    Enjoy every single, solitary moment Rosa. In the mean while, we will swoon over the delectable goodness you have prepared.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  24. What a stunning cake, that ganache looks sinful! Thanks for sharing :).

  25. All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

    Wiser words were never spoken. That quote touched me very very deep.

    I need to keep it in mind. And then I need a slice of your gorgeous cake. Maybe two. Just because....


  26. Dearest Rosa,
    You're such a creative soul! Another beautiful post :) And I'm glad to hear you have a kind man in your life.Feel loved and appreciated as woman and partner...That's wonderful! I hope you enjoy your 'well deserved break' We'll be waiting for your inspirational words and your breath-taking pics :) The cake looks heavenly...(is breakfast time here and I'm drooling) I'm happy you decided to show it again!

    BIG HUGS <3

  27. I love the earthy softness of these photos. Your pictures are always fabulous but I really love the warmth and simplicity! This recipe sounds great.

    I spent years not knowing what to do with myself. Now I spend all of my days keeping busy for no reason. Although I kind of hate summer I am going to miss it this year!

  28. I love the look of your shiny chocolate glaze.

  29. I like both of your cake look - before and after. This gotta be the most delicious cake ever...but I think I told you that for one of your old cakes too. You make killer cakes all the time Rosa! ;-)

  30. Fantastic fabulous wonderful cake ...I can't take my eye off!

  31. ta première photo est à tomber
    ce chocolat est terrible...
    voir irrésistible
    je te souhaite un bon week-end plein de soleil
    val de familyblog

  32. Note to self - do not read Rosa's posts when hungry.

    Enjoy your vacation.

  33. Chocolate and hazelnut has gotta be one of the most perfect combinations! I can only imagine how that sauce soaks into this perfect spongy cake!

  34. Enjoy your holiday Rosa. You are a valuable asset to the blogging and photography community with plenty pf style of your own. Enjoy!!!

  35. Et moi qui profite de l'été pour perdre un peu de poids. C'est raté. Ces photos sont démoniaques Rosa.

  36. have a great vacation! and oh my gosh this cake is just fabulous! i cannot resist the combination of chocolate and hazlenut. next time i get a hold of some hazlenuts i am making this!

  37. Dearest Rosa,

    thanks for your open words. It isn't easy to speak about these kind of feelings. Enemployment is one of the hardest things feeling exhausted and burnt out. Wonderful, that you are blessed with an helpful and supporting partner. I hope that you find the time to relax and you will be nourished when you are back.
    The cake looks mouthwatering and the pictures of the landscape are so lovely.
    Big hugs, Sandy

  38. What a lovely cake Rosa and this ganache looks so shiny and smooth, I'll be back sometime in September to copy your recipe (I'm on Holidays right now, I don't cook a lot, but still can have access to internet from time to time), I would love to use that same ganache for my son's birthday cake in October. Have a lovely sunny summer and enjoy your Holidays. Gros bisous ma belle.

  39. What a commonsense approach to blogging. Living a life of joy should be exactly as you describe.

    I'd find your cake pretty joyful today. I love the shine!

  40. Your cake looks fantastic and surely anything with chocolate is welcome! Take your time and relax and hope I'll have an internet connection soon after moving.

  41. ♡¸.°.¸♫♫♪

    Delícia! Delícia!
    Fiquei com água na boca.
    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!


  42. Je suis d'accord, juste une petite tranche d'un bon gâteau, et je retrouve le sourire et ma bonne humeur! Bon dimanche Rosa!

  43. I'm weak on the chocolate and nuts!

  44. Un délicieux gâteau que je je garde en réserve pour des jours moins ... torrides !
    Bien à toi.

  45. i love the landscape with the bale.. we have se same a month ago :)
    really nice photo!!! and also the cake is better with the nice phrase ;)
    enjoy your week! see you soon :)

  46. i think maybe all cakes should have a ganache glaze, no? this is lovely!

  47. Great post! It's important to take breaks from everything occasionally, even from something that is (normally) fun. Have a great time off. We'll miss your posts and your pictures, but will be here waiting for you when you return. And you've left us with this incredible cake to make while you're away! Plus a new slogan to live by: "Keep Calm And Eat Cake!" Beautiful. Thanks for an inspired post.

  48. Beautiful cake and I really love the quotes with this post Rosa!

  49. That cake is truly a thing of beauty, Rosa! It looks like it would be perfect with a cup of coffee!

  50. You had me at chocolate! This looks wonderful!

  51. Your boyfriend sounds like such an amazing person. He's so lucky that he gets to eat this decadent chocolate cake--it looks so mouthwatering.

  52. Everyone needs rest sometime and I'm glad that P is supportive of you in all of your endeavours. Have a good, well deserved break Rosa!

  53. Woop Woop...Go Australian Womens Weekly!!!! :-)

  54. Il est splendide, comme d'habitude. Et j'adore tes photos des balles de foin.
    Profite bien de tes vacances Rosa, repose toi :)

  55. Rosa, on this you sound like my husband. He was over 50 I think before he gave in and admitted that once in a while he had the right to - do nothing! Just take it easy, and maybe sometimes it is just the best thing for the soul to relax and do nothing. Or do as we please. Bake and eat cake! It reinforces us and makes work feel much less like a duty and obligation and more as something we choose to do. Perfect cake - recipe bookmarked!

  56. What an amazing cake, I am really bad at baking but trying to get better and I do love chocolate!

  57. Oh wow! This is such a lovely cake! I'll definitely try it! Have a great break!

  58. This looks so lovely, Rosa. One of my favorite taste combinations, and the photography is great!

  59. You had me hooked at the photo! The ganache is so shiny! Yum.

    I too have a wonderfully supportive partner and it makes a big difference.

  60. Nearly fell over when I saw that ganache pop up on my screen!

    The feminist movement has a lot to answer for, as women we now feel we have to do more than men to prove ourselves. Never feel bad about working from home with what you are doing, most of would love the opportunity but we are too pig headed or jealous to say,. we are conditioned by society. I am trying to work my way into a position where I do not have to put up with rotten bosses and staff..more freedom to be creative and enjoy life, but like you I will probably drive myself to achieve more...we are built that way :o) Enjoy the moment!

  61. Good for you for taking a break!

    This cake looks like one even I could make. I'm going to copy it out and try it soon!

  62. How tempting that cake looks. And how perfect is the timing. I've just got a kilo of hazelnuts and need to bake a cake. And I couldnt agree more. Cake is happiness !!! :-D

  63. Coucou ♥

    J'ai craqué sur fb quand j'ai vu la photo :)

    Mon binôme l'a mis en tête de liste des mes priorités (mdr) quand il l'a vu lui aussi !

    Mais bonjour la pression car ton glaçage au chocolat est tellement parfait et brillant, que je ne ne suis vraiment pas sûre de faire aussi bien !

    Merci pour ce joli moment de gourmandise totale :)

    Plein de bisous ♥

  64. Mmmm.. that's one comforting cake! And your photos of the scenery's -- I want to move in with you :D

  65. Just as food should be enjoyed, I believe a food blog should be a labor of joy and love. And it will probably change through the years. I applaud you for prioritizing according to your needs now. Lovely photos of those wheat rolls (that´s what we call them here), and of course that cake. I adore hazelnuts. Have a great hiatus!

  66. Gorgeous Cake!!!
    Stunning Photography.... As always Perfection!!!

  67. J'en prendrais bien une généreuse part, là, maintenant avec mon thé...

  68. Enjoy your time off! Your cake looks scrumptious!

  69. Hi Rosa,
    My first time here and I absolutely love your blog. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful pics. I don't know where I've been all this while to have missed your wonderful space.Gald to be and ardent follower from today. I see an exquisite sense of taste in your blog (from your pics, recipes and blog design) I'm floored already.

  70. I love how the ganache is glistening in the silky and indulgent, I want to smother my face in it. :P

  71. Nulla é meno gratificante se c'é la passione e qualsiasi cosa si fa con passione si deve essere sempre soddisfatti di se stessi. Anche se sarà meno frequente ritrovare le tue meravigliose foto e ricette ( che amo molto) ritrovarti qui sarà sempre un con grande piacere.
    La torta é deliziosa!

    baci , Patrizia

    ps: scrivo in italiano perché mi viene più facile esprimere il mio pensiero, spero tu possa riuscire a comprendere bene. Grazie :)

  72. Everyone deserves a break and everyone deserves a holiday! Enjoy Rosa!!

    That cake looks amazing!

  73. Wow, Rosa,
    This cake is stunning! I love the rich chocolate ganache on top. It looks so rich, glossy and delicious!
    As always, the photographs are gorgeous!

  74. Alors, celui là il nous fait fondre de plaisir... Les blés si beaux à côté aussi, un vrai plaisir... Bises

  75. A simple cake for summer sounds perfect. Hope you enjoy your much-deserved break!

  76. Wow Rosa, that chocolate ganache is simply luminous! And I am such a fan of hazelnuts and chocolate together - great combo.

  77. This cake looks gorgeous Rosa...very inviting!
    As always your pictures are awesome. Hope you are having a fantastic week :)

  78. I'm lucky to have a great man myself, and whenever I'm down or my world seems to be falling apart..I just look at him and remember how lucky I am. That said, this cake is pure, gorgeous decadence with a capital D! I can't wait to pin it :)

  79. "I am just trying to approach this hobby in a more healthy and casual manner. This means feeding my site exclusively when I'm in the mood for putting words down on paper and going through the long process of picture-taking, thus not forcing myself to post at any cost" -- I read every word of your post but these words resonated with me the most. I, too, am guilty of trying to do too much or putting myself last. I say, enjoy your freedom to pursue the things you love. I hope you're enjoying your hiatus. This cake is mouthwatering!

  80. I'm glad you're taking a break Rosa! You deserve one. I'm loving the cake recipe-it looks beautiful with that glorious ganache. And your "late summer" pics are stunning! Thank you.

  81. une reelle merveille, et je ne pense pas etre dans l erreur en disant que ce gateau doit etre une tuerie!! miamm miamm! et tes photos sont sublimes comme toujours bravo et merci

  82. Look at the shine on that cake! Gorgeous, Rosa! Now all I need is a slice...

  83. I like your new attitude and outlook. I suffer from similar forms of self-judgement and am also working on changing that a bit!

  84. What can I say.. I am a cake person and I love them all :D Gorgeous

  85. Exquisite Rosa. I'd love some!

  86. yeah i know how u feel. I always have the impression I am not doing enough, just because I am working from home. Kind of feeling guilty whenever I have the feeling I need a vacation.

    No worries Rosa. u do your share part of work in this world. u create wonderful pictures and inspiring reads. I am sure u do much more then some folks out there!

    By the way I am mesmerized by your choco ganache and the field picture especially. It took me back into time.

    Thank you for sharing dear!

  87. I'm all for an easy cake that leaves time for relaxing. We deserve it! It looks delicious. I'll have to bookmark!

  88. Magnifique! Le glaçage me fait penser à ta sachertorte, qu'il va falloir que je réitère, c'était une merveille!
    Et tes photos d'été nous apportent le soleil, il boude un peu ici...

  89. Oh yes Rosa, you're so right about the human habits! I think almost 99% of us don't like changing a bit of it. It's like we just born to it. haha.... Asking them to change, it's also meaning asking them to suicide. :o) Whateverso, your cake looks so dreamy and absolutely irresistible.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, dear.

  90. There are many times when I am unemployed. For me it is a stressful time so blogging and photography are my outlets. We appreciate you sharing your beautiful photography and recipes Rosa.

  91. Now this is my kind of cake! Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper too!

  92. Beautiful shots Rosa! I love this cake! :-D

  93. This is absolutely the most beautiful chocolate cake that my eyes have ever seen. I'll attempt to duplicate your baking skills soon, Rosa. But for now, I just have to drool!

    Happy vacation,

  94. With or without chocolate it is a devil cake : look at the picture and you just want to have a piece.

  95. You go catch that sun :) I know what you mean, I am also very pale and this summer I tried getting my tan, but I still need more tanning.I really need to get out more, and so I also understand and share what you say about approaching this hobby in a more healthy and casual manner. More time to live life and interact with family and friends, rest... is much better.
    Thanks for such a wonderful cake recipe.


  96. Ce gâteau est magnifique, brillant, savoureux, réconfortant, j'en ai l'eau à la bouche :)

  97. Sincerely I love reading your posts and look at your pics. Have a great day!

  98. hope you are enjoying your vacation, everyone needs time off. This cake is absolutely delicious and so tempting!

  99. Your cake looks so gorgeous and irresistible!! I appreciate you're not using any baking mix - I hate them!
    Lovely pictures with great tint.

  100. Tu as eu bien raison de profiter du temps qui passe et par chance tu as un compagnon compréhensif qui comprend ta situation particulière et ta fatigue, cela aide à moins culpabiliser. J'avais vu ton article sans avoir eu le temps d'y laisser un commentaire c'est chose faite et je craque pour ce gâteau gourmand que je vais mettre de côté, il me tente beaucoup. Dommage que je sois la seule à aimer le chocolat mais pour la venue de mes enfants, il sera parfait ;). Merci pour le partage. Je suis à chaque fois séduite par tes belles photos de nature, bravo !!!

  101. I love chocolate and this dish will be my next recipe to cook, look so delicious ! Busana Wanita Online

  102. Oh my, what a gloriously glossy cake Rosa! Stunning photos as always. You are one talented lady :)

  103. J'adhère à 100% à tes propos ! J'ai fait comme toi cet été. Une belle coupure ... Je reprends cela dit le chemin du blog ... et de l'hyperactivité ... avec plaisir ! ;o))
    Bisous et à très vite

  104. Just my kind of cake. I have memories of my grandmother's hazelnut cake and the simple pleasure of a rustic cake of that nature.

  105. Gorgeous cake Rosa!
    I'm going to tell you something someone told me: Don't spread yourself too thin x

  106. Rosa
    You really have talent. Your photos are not the "typical" pastel on white propped up food blog photos." They are uniquely Rosa. I pray for you to do something like teach or do seminars or something for others. Also, you are a HUGE contributor to this world. Your gift for beauty and the camera (aside from food) stands above the crowd. I am a woman of faith. I believe your talent and creativity comes right from the Creator. I believe you are especially touched and it's the outlet he's given you for your pain. I pray for you to fully enjoy it. No guilt. This world is hard enough, but it would be living hell without artists. You are indeed an artist and you bring something wonderful to this world aside from that gorgeous cake.

  107. Il est magnifique ton cake même sans glaçage!!
    Un délice avec une tasse de thé ou de café!!

  108. Rosa, I'm glad you're taking time and learning not to be hard on yourself for doing so. Remember, you deserve it! This cake is a work of beauty!

  109. Chocolate, hazelnut and a cake:) how can anything get better than this. I cannot get over the beautiful glaze and the drip !!

    break.. I have forgotten the word. we all do need it once in a while.xo

  110. I don't think people realise what hard work blogging is. Most just think it's a frivolous hobby in the pursuit of attention. When I got burnt out I was so afraid what will happen if I stopped blogging for a while and guess what? Nothing bad happened. These days I prefer quality over quantity. :-)

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