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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


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Two weeks ago, during our holidays, we had some "business" to do around the Lavaux, so as we were close to Vevey we decided to go there, walk a bit around town and the lakeside, and have lunch before taking the train back home...

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Vevey is a cute little town in the canton Vaud, on the North shore of Lake Léman. It is situated between the cities of Lausanne and Montreux. This area was already inhabited around 2000 BC and remains of piloti were found there. It's Roman name was Viviscus and the ancient Greek astronomer and philosopher Ptolemy called it Ouikos. During the Middle Ages it was a station on the Via Francigena road that linked Rome to Canterbury. Later it was ruled by the bishopry of Lausanne and the Blonay family. After the Vaud Revolution in 1798, Vevey lived a period of prosperity and in the 19th century mechanical construction (ateliers mécaniques de Vevey), food (Nestlé - yuck!) and tobacco (Rinsoz & Ormond) industries were built in the area.

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The old town is very pretty with it's quaint and colorful buildings and narrow alleys, and the lakeside offers on of the most gorgeously breathtaking (fully south facing) views on the surrounding Alps. It is impossible to admire the landscapes without having a gaping mouth and being amazed!